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  1. Au contraire Armchair. TNZ chose to turn down the Council/Government $100m offer with a like and kind content Mark Dunfay kinda put another $80m on the table now with all the potential hosts running for the hills apart from the Evil Empire Dalton looks increasingly more of a greedy fool than a tall poppy. Personally I would much rather see the loot and resources poured into combating the appalling world leading youth suicide rate that we have here in what used to be the home of the Cup.
  2. Looking like Cork is backing away as a venue for AC37 that just leaves the Evil Empire. Crikey TNZ may have to pay somebody to host the event… Hope RG kept Dunfays number.
  3. Download the Kindle app to your tablet. https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=16571048011
  4. Dr David Lewis along with his second wife Fiona and two daughters were the first people to circumnavigate the globe in a multihull aboard the catamaran Rehu Moana.
  5. True IT and where’s the evidence that twin rudders are a structural risk as well.
  6. Another bit of spin really with no names. Sounds to me like Mark Dunphy is Fays drummer boy. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/news/530_STATEMENT-FROM-A-GROUP-OF-LONG-TERM-TEAM-MEMBERS-OF-ETNZ.html
  7. Did bicycles too… Maybe worlds first EEEEEEEEEEEEEE bike.
  8. Talking of outboards….
  9. Another. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/motorboats/listing/3237574442?bof=Tpllq2mJ
  10. One for the Spencer fans. https://www.trademe.co.nz/art/prints/other/auction-3240486638.htm
  11. Unigrip 999HR plus cross link agent great for inflatable repairs. Although out of use by date still in good condition nearly full. Pick up Ponsonby can leave in letterbox for contactless pickup.
  12. Laid out measurements are 1150mm wide and 1350mm long if you want to compare with your existing bag.
  13. Width would be ok but not sure of length as our dinghy was 2.4m but you are welcome to try.
  14. Always wondered where Nick got the inspiration for his AC75 flat shoed keelson from. Not that it proved to be that fast nearly 100 years on.
  15. Zodiac Cadet 2.4m inflatable dinghy bag in very good condition pick up Ponsonby.
  16. The Flying Doctor on his Macintosh.
  17. You're correct there Elly, crikey a 10m is now $8742 a year when I quit the boat it was getting pretty rough cost wise now a whole bunch rougher.
  18. At 50ft loa you will be up for $17000 a year at Westhaven Lidgard and Co measure to the millimetre. What would be your insurance status and ability to live aboard long term be swinging from anchor in the confines of the Auckland harbour.
  19. Do like this guy hang from anchor been doing it for years with Peter Blakes old ride Archangel C&C67ft off St Heliers beach. Had a bit of a drift in the recent blow but all soft mud and sand so happy days think of the coin they have saved in marina fees. http://c-c-37-40.blogspot.com/p/c-67.html
  20. Beg to differ BP this one got the silver after Infidel meaning bronze for you.
  21. MCP was looking for light weight and easily rowed which the Ocean Tender is not actually it’s pretty disappointing at the 9k minimum cost if you are looking for those usability features as a go to cruising tender.
  22. Hey it looks like you saved some loot by recycling the fenders and wheels so don’t moan could of been a lot worserer
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