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  1. This caught my eye after watching the ones posted. The interesting part was tipping the growth back in to the sea,apperently in Victoria and in line with Ema guidelines.Yet we must dispose on land??
  2. We dont know or will ever know if he was under pressure from crew to do something,or crew adopt the attitude you got us in to this you get us out.
  3. Handheld VHF never had much faith in them.yet to find one that can take a drenching as claimed by some.most don't even like light spray.short aerial so only a few feet above water.my understanding had crew but basically solo as crew inadequate. Could look at as good trainng for authorities?? Why not send SnR plane/helicopter up for locating purposes? Not a 5 minute trip Colville to Whangarei.
  4. One thing we should be doing is removing kina.not decemate beds but remove enough to re establish kelp beds.without kelp spat/fry have no cover from preditors.Kina have exploded as not enough big fish or snapper left to keep under control
  5. Tiri tiri Matangi would make a great reserve around the whole island,500m exclsion zone,would give visitors the chance to snorkel while waiting for ferry etc.cleanish/clear water.Had this descussion with Scott Macindoe a few yrs ago.. There is a reserve off long bay and I think it is only to protect the pipi beds,n and same around the sisters at Waiheke/ponui only ever held undersize and Kahawai. The problem is trying to the reserves across the line,opposition from both parties comms/reccs not in my backyard.
  6. I was interested in the foils,didnt realise they could trim the wings like plane wings,knew they had trim on the rudder.So the trim tabs on the foils allows the bow to go down or up.Mechanical wonders for me.
  7. Hell of a risk to take though, but does seem strange, after penalty 60m behind to round first mark 120m?ahead
  8. when listening to communtary they talked about osc then a bit later,maybe minute 2 or 3 they get the umpire call about not holding course,End of the day best boat won. Does make wonder if LR let UK win a race though but cannot really see LR throwing one.
  9. seems inconsistant rulings,might pay to watch again,LR failed to allow uk to keep clear,no penalty for being over start.
  10. Broke rule 16 altered course.changed cousre LR after uk started,
  11. And its over.desevred win to LR. 2nd race start both early,uk tack and LR dial up to prevent cross and got a penalty for changing course. Yet I read that unlike conventual rules you can alter course as far 90 degrees,so why a penalty to LR?
  12. Finally got to review races and Ineos in race 2 different boat,was it because they rattled Jimmy at the start or just right wind range.Appears quicker downhill as LR closed gap uphill .Still think LR will take the series.
  13. There are 2 spencer 28 om T/M which one? the round bilge or square,if square it will be tight with family,over grown stileto.I had the Sabre 30 and not a great cruising yacht but we had fun. Compass790 hard to tell from photos but a couple on the Web look roomy enough. Nova 28 a lot produced in ply but the one I saw om T/M is glass. Depending on family size ages going by T/M photos I would be looking at the Nova but then again at the Nova price you could get a D28. All comes down to maintaince,mechanical,sails etc
  14. Thanks,Bloody disgusting what people will do.And thats just one case thats made the media how more are there undetected?? Pity they didnt leave it till owners turned up. On a recent trip on the Manukau e were out around Tipi Tai head(cake island) and there was a net ,reported to Fisheries as set netting banned there due to Hectors frequent the area.Were advised not too remove.
  15. I can see LR view. Get on with it,so what no one at the bars. Remember when Dalts agreed in San fran to give extra time to oracle, If Dalts hadnt agreed we would of won.
  16. If NZ is serious and I mean serious in saving what we have left.You have to take a very hard stance and it will effect me too,No fishing within 1 or2 miles of the nz coast including offshore islands,no taking anything ,yes it will affect commercial flounders etc but lock it off for for a minimum of 2yrs then stock count/size.I would estimate 3 yrs would be enough. 10% is bugger all if you are talking sna1 .North cape to east cape. 10% of the hauraki gulf will have nil effect. Stretching from Mangawhai, north of Auckland, to Waihi on the Coromandel Peninsula, the Hauraki Gulf covers 1.2 mi
  17. Yes but the poor nights covers a large area ,only accessible by vessel which is probably the saving part. Fishers need to get away from hunting the trophy fish.Our moto is ,if legal its bagged,why risk barotrauma etc a legal snapper can produce a decent feed if your good at filleting in fact bake the whole fish.
  18. Proposed temporary closure around Waiheke Island to the harvest of scallops, mussels, rock lobster, and pāua Dear Fishers, Ngāti Pāoa have requested
  19. According to legasea and nzsfc reserves serve no purpose as far as increasing biomass.there is the problem.how much coast do you lock off?? Remember if you lock off 20/30 miles if coast you then put more pressure on remains areas Take goat island most stock has moved why?.poached lack of food area to small to sustain.
  20. Only actual bouyed ferry lane is emu pt along motutapu shore.marked by yellow bouys ferry transit lane's need to refer to chart.ak/ Dec ak/Stanley bay and am to emu marked
  21. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/safety/accidents-reporting/faqs.asp Says commercial but I think recreational report to Harbour master?? All near misses/mishaps are suppose to be reported but who wants to be tied up in red tape?
  22. And what part of no fishing/boating in Level 3 didnt they get??
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