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  1. We must have the most over regulated haul out yards anywhere,From sanding antifoul to painting hulls,osh rules,council by laws etc.The DIY can do bugger all now so its pay the pros. Sanding antifoul must be able to contain and wet sand,must put in waste bins any foul and not return to the sea.(even though thats where the barnicles etc have come from)spraying to be done it a tent type arrangement. Getting to stage who would really want own a vessel when chartering options are starting to look attractive.
  2. was up Northcote point way several yrs ago and saw a vessel I had sold and noticed it was moored by the bouy rope,rang the owner and told him what might happen as he really needs to put a hook through ring,"nah she right,been like that 18 months" That week as fate would have it,a storm came through,broke bouy rope and ended up under Northcote point.
  3. Have a read about the top of the South Island,5yrs on and still not recovering,no one wants to look at the enviroment,why??too hard basket. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/123730152/scallop-recovery-in-top-of-the-south-still-clouded-by-uncertainty
  4. you talking about trademe "rudolfshack" jason??
  5. Be interesting to see how they would charge each individual vessel as most share a common tap. Gin palace pumps 500lts onboard ,yacht 40lts Some official going to attach a meter every time a berth holder uses water??
  6. 1000lts is a unit 1 unit = 1 cubic metre of water (or 1000 litres of water, around 100 buckets). Your Water Charges - Selwyn District Council https://www.selwyn.govt.nz › water › water-supplies
  7. Commercial east coast us 27cm and west coast 25cm Reccs east coast 30 cm west 27cm Gurnard comms no size limit. Reccs 25cm Fair??
  8. Glad you went down that road Kevin and not me,but we need to keep the racial things out as Thread will get locked/closed.
  9. https://www.gulfusers.org.nz/petition Have had a read through it,and this is nothing new,IWI at Pakiri have been wanting a total ban on fishing/gulf use for yrs. May not agree with the proposals but we have been going around in circles for yrs and no agreement by advocacy groups/enviromental/mpi/greenpeace etc Sure it will or may impact my activities but do we want to leave a legacy for the next generation or 3?? Does not have to be total closure but limit fish /shellfish take and activities as to pumping vessel waste in to the sea,but need to install waste infrast
  10. Channel islan HMM 6.09am 1 knt av 19knt ?? great merc av 33 tiri 41,huston we have a problem.
  11. windyty then predict followed by swell map,last of all metserv, Windyty and predict con move mouse over area required and clip ,gives wind speed or predict speed,works for me then I vheck via C/G app
  12. Quoted from a fishing site. talking to a guy who man’s the Coast Guard boats in Auckland. He says there were hundreds of assistance given over Xmas. I asked the biggest issue and he said broken down boats first time out after they had just been serviced. Ha, I’m always nervous going out after a service and that info confirms I
  13. Ok I pay annual membership + a monthly top up. Last night got a call asking if I could top up my top up.Unfortunatly NO. It appears they are short of $75 per rescue. Lotto gave the some $$ and they recieved for free 1 or 2 ex Americas cup chase vessels. So my question is,Should C/G raise from $115 to $150?? Should be funded by Government.( yeah can where that will go)why am I funding rich pricks to be rescued?? Do we start paying a licence fee and certs for vessels to help reduce cost/recues?
  14. When my Yacht broke free(not my fault) I had 24hrs to remove from under ST Kentdergans school(panmure river) or AK council would remove andbill me.But I had insurance so no issue.
  15. use of windles make sure motor is running as the drain is a killer,should have a isolator from house/start battery
  16. quota is an on going issue for all stock,but I believe the top of the South island has been closed for over 5yrs and no sign of improvment. We should be looking further afield,Whats running from the land to the sea from subdivision works??silt smothers the stock and move off,heavy metals,coromandel way with all the loging works washing in to the sea,storm water. They have seeded mussels in to Okahu bay to filter the water but my way of thinking the will unedible due toxins they filter. Top of the south interesting read from a ex comms. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/123730152/scall
  17. Would you support this action?? and I do but its not just scallops that should be saved.There no is inshore beds of shellfish,pipi/cockle etc should be total ban Nationally as this just puts more pressure on other areas. Will Minister Parker bow down and support?? The MPI latest questionaire regarding stock is a call to ban recc dredges but not commercial.I say make commercial use air like their counter parts in Australia with their Ablone. Ngāti Manuhiri placed a rāhui on all scallop harvesting across their rohe moana due to a decline in scallop populations. The c
  18. Try Henley propellers on the shore,be a starting point. or buy a bit of brass and file down 6mm square??
  19. maybe replace key 1st. 2nd go to a model shop and buy some thin brass sheet and use as a shim,last resort cut the slot in clamp.
  20. The Mother load was found west of Coromandel about 5yrs ago.Thought was it was the breeding stock for the gulf,wiped out in 2yrs not by you and I but Commercial dredges.Perhaps they need to start diving for them like the abalone divers in Aussie using air
  21. No problem with rahui to save scallops.But the MPI want to recc dredges fair enough but they don't intend to ban commercial.once again the reccs bare the brunt of doing it right.
  22. Be interesting to see final sale price. There appears to be water leak in the head,coaming looks wet and going black so could be the start of a minor proplem.
  23. leeks?? nah never mentioned leeks, but I believe 20+knts hitting a log can cause a leak.
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