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  1. must of hit something surely or a fitting given way??
  2. Couldnt get 3rd party for a trailer boat,but at AMI full cover rate,cheap as. Insurance is getting harder due to broken moorings ,vessels causing damage and not claimable from those that have broken free.I asked if they claim against the owner whose vessel took mine out .Nah deemed a act of god.Through no fault of mine cannot get insurance for a swing mooring in Panmure but would insure if we went on piles.
  3. Before parting with any $$$ see whether or not .you can get insurance. The way insurance companies operate with old vessels now. Most insist on survey, so a friendly boatbuilder comes in to play, where you are mooring or marina/piles or just on anchor. They all have varying rates. Some crippling and some silly exclusion clauses. After having several yachts of varying sizes, sub 20k we are slowly saving for the over 40k market to eliminate those replacement issues.
  4. "Vin" what is your definition of liveaboard?? a place to live in a river on piles while still attending full time work or liveaboard and go cruising without the worry of work?? If its just afloating apartment then no real attention required to sails,rig,etc but if cruising as a lifestyle with a budget of $20k limited choices really h28 d28 , they would have adequate sails and motor and a resonable motor,but sorry if this is going to upset you but really need $40k + with all the work done is probably where you are looking at,no or limited income why spend it on motor rebuilds/sails etc wh
  5. download the coastguard weather app,can change areas,ours locked on to passage rock,only gives wind speed ,average + gust direction. still handy for me
  6. Think the problem is they havent found a long enough extension cord
  7. https://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/300503130/110m-iwi-fin-fish-farming-push-for-coromandel-wins-council-support Last month, a resource consent application was lodged by Pare Hauraki Asset Holdings Limited with Waikato Regional Council to establish and operate a marine farm for fin fish and other marine species in the 300-hectare, Hauraki Gulf-based zone. It’s located about 13.5 kilometres from Coromandel Town and 11km from Waiheke Island. "Still in application mode but who knows"??
  8. Heineken?? Drank it xmas day. Has too be icy cold
  9. Only overnighted once,woke up not where I anchored in a northly blow,ended up mouth of the bay.
  10. This one. https://www.waihekegulfnews.co.nz/high-and-dry/ https://www.waihekegulfnews.co.nz/a-rocky-end-for-the-rosalie-clare/
  11. Make the call from the main vessel,then grab your bag and wait till someone is in sight,then fire off a flare. Had uniden,suppose to be water proof,Biggest waste of money,not even shower proof.
  12. Prize giving ashore in front of or beside Scott Homestead depending on numbers of people attending. There will be no Marquee or band. https://www.facebook.com/events/959794181641319
  13. Hmm What ,didnt get deployed or just dont work?? https://niwa.co.nz/news/new-tsunami-monitoring-system-for-pacific 22 September 2020 A network of 12 tsunami buoys are being deployed off New Zealand and up into the Pacific over the next few months to help ensure New Zealanders near the coast and Pacific Islands get more accurate information in the event of a tsunami. “The buoys will detect tsunamis but also provide verification one is actually happening which can avoid false evacuation warnings.” The closest buoy to New Zealand is about 150 nautical miles
  14. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/tonga-eruption-tsunami-waves-hit-shore-warning-also-issued-for-north-island-coastline-after-massive-blast/5ITWZZ3DJ2J6HPURW537PWGBLA/ The popular Tutukaka coast in Northland has been heavily impacted by surging seas caused by the eruption, with campers being evacuated and boats being damaged after losing their moorings at the local marina. "Tutukaka marina appears to have been really impacted by these tsunami surges - police have been evacuating all boaties and there have been reports of significant damage and boats getting dragged out off their m
  15. Tutukaka Marina copped the surge.
  16. off to the manukau later as e10 ,sunday have a ride booked on the AC yacht so hope it stays away.
  17. I see absolutly no problem with a dog on leash at any beach,providing its to do it bussiness in a secluded part,below the high tide mark,rock pt etc.Ashore and back again. Allowed to run off,there lies the problem.
  18. I dont think so, I use their site and print A4 pages to suit areas that I want to get in close with or find structure ,handy site but does have limited charts,Good when at home you can move cusor around and zoom in and out,nn https://data.linz.govt.nz/layer/51277-chart-nz-532-approaches-to-auckland History Added 18 Sep 2012 Last updated 14 Feb 2021 Revisions 16 - Browse all revisions Current revision Imported on Feb. 14, 2021 from GeoTIFF in WGS
  19. I fish there 1/12 to end January ,kings and snapper,for about 6 weeks the gone.Been doing it or yrs. paper chart
  20. Why does Navionics show 2.7m around Sunday rock when minimum depth at bouy is 6m as per my sounder,never found it to be less the 6m anywhere around it. How can a site be trusted when public can add marks to it,surely it should secure and you submit information for them to verify before posting?? There is another site I follow and some cracker going on about how he can stuff to navionics,surely that cant be true??reckons the channel/river he uses he has added a couple of rocks that arent on the chart.If that was the case why pay a fee for what is suppose to the latest update electronic ch
  21. right up the top of the harbour,use to be a solitary house,so at low tide directly in front was the bed,bloody shallow,,as you come down harbour port hand side,doc camp?? use to be a good gurnard spot.
  22. Maybe nephews set up,basic subscription ,but found when zooming in didnt really show up reefone on the left navionics Hooks bay,when looking at shoreline. Individual preference I guess,.
  23. What you going to do if the electronic toys pack up
  24. Paper charts maybe dinosaurus things but are nessacary.More detail on paper than navionics will ever give you.Had a play with the latest fandangle thing and no detail,can zoom in/out but unlike paper.If cant use a paper chart to navigate your Screwed. Gps etc are great until satelites turn unexpectedly or a millatery operation takes over control. As far as I am concerned,a chart parrel rules pencil rubber hand bearing compass is all you need ,Electronics are a guide only.
  25. Exactly. In a marina crime would be mostly like done by sneaking around in a dinghy. Pay absorbent amounts HAHA just wait till Seymour and Co gets in.As I have said before we are labelled as rich pricks included is the guy with 10ft dinghy who fishes off the beach.
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