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  1. Thanks for that MarkMT that explains it nicely. I guess I'm just wary these days of how much we sign away to the likes of google and facebook, it seems that government snooping these days pales into insignificance to these guys. Maybe I just need a tinfoil hat lol
  2. however having to sign in using a social media account???? Does this not concern anyone? This may be a worthwhile system but how much of your personal data are you giving them access to??????
  3. All good Sabre Yes we do have running backstays So do you run both headsails ie the furler and the staysail together or is it just for big winds and just run the staysail/storm sail by itself ?
  4. The boat is a Southern Pacific 42. Appears to have a staysail and maybe a storm jib. Although the storm jib might be from before the furler was put on. From what I have read its not a solent stay as it doesn't go to the top of mast and is around half way between mast and forestay at deck level.
  5. I have a removeable inner forestay which has a sail for it. My question is wether or not its worth putting up? So all you experts out there please enlighten me. efficientcy practicality go for it.
  6. I think I would be onto the harbourmaster with that pic steve. As if that's your neighbour it could hit you when it breaks and damage your boat.
  7. Does anyone know who might service these in Tauranga?
  8. Nzgrant

    Super Wood

    wow that seems a rather promising product. I wonder what the processing cost would be. It could be a good process to use on some of the massive amount of wood we send offshore as logs.
  9. Why thanks BP so he's a professional snout in trough man then. Paid by the taxpayer for decades.
  10. Have any these desk jockeys at maritime nz ever been on a boat of any sort? Or done an honest days work?
  11. Currently looking at replacing our main and headsail. 12.8m yacht. Main 5 full length battons 3 reef points 33 sq m . Headsail, furler 120% 44 sq m (according to the quote). My question is relating to the relative costs between the 2 sails. A friend replaced his a couple of years ago and the Headsail was quite a bit cheaper than the Main. The quote I have has them about the same price. So all you experts out there is that about right?
  12. hmmm handed themselves in the next day? The cynical among us might ask if that was so any drugs or alcohol was out of the system before talking to the authorities?
  13. Nzgrant

    Squeaky floor

    I don't believe I have to worry about YNZ requirements
  14. Nzgrant

    Squeaky floor

    My floor boards squeak and its driving me nuts. Anybody have a nice easy solution to this?
  15. Trouble is their solution to the problem is to complain about boaties instead of getting their collective snouts out of the trough long enough to do something about the problem. Yes it will be expensive and yes it will take some time but it is a problem created by auckland so they should damn well fix it. Damn lefties.
  16. Got it one harrytom. After all is it not true that every time it rains in Auckland the council pumps raw sewage straight out into the harbour ? Its just easier for those underworked and overpaid council employees and councilers to lay the blame on boaties. Heaven forbid that they should fix up there own crap first.
  17. Sounds like an elaborate plan to increase parking infringement income
  18. damn the bastards responsible for this should be locked up and the key thrown away. But sadly we know that even if our (allegded) law enforcement officers do anything at all about it the offenders will get a stern talking to and walk away scot free. Damn launchies
  19. Ok then how do I know whether I have a gennaker or an mps?
  20. Nzgrant


    come on someone must know lol
  21. Nzgrant


    Any recommendations for who to talk to about getting an ewof for the boat? Currently in Sulphur Point Marina Tauranga.
  22. That's the one. What do you want for it?
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