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  1. Good little boat price seems ok , many been off shore Two been round the block made in south nebe SA in the 70s , several mods by year of manufacture with cabin changes , the. Shibora could be a worry ,but go check it out ,
  2. Yes but it's old Needing tidy up , the dropped price is 5 k over what it's worth , paint it make it liverable then 40ish ,
  3. Myjane

    Bird deterents

    What next so are there compass steering them to our boats , the reason I believe is we aren't on our boats enough , so they are left alone to do what they want I think
  4. Myjane

    Bird deterents

    I went for a sail one day and while going along there was these little black half moon shaped things all over the cockpit and it was swallows had been living In The boom and shitted in there so it was being sprayed as the boom was moving ,there was a crust type nest in the boom wich we removed
  5. Myjane

    Bird deterents

    Twelve gauge works
  6. Myjane

    Boat windows

    Hi the. Ms is a harder rubber when dry it's about two , two three days full cure. ,but it sticks to glass ,seriously well , and the rest of the boat
  7. Myjane

    Nova 28

    There is a real nice rebuild on one down the wieti in a shed , check it out
  8. He's old my brother in law a lotus 9.2 wich he sailed to Wellington , he no lie , he strait up but did what was his job fine , I sailed it up to mana good boat priced right ,
  9. It all comes down to the vendor if he's realistic then the broker can move it , some vendors think there boat is the best in there eyes and is worth top value , but sadly there is a word not said in the broker business ,,, vendor crunching, ,,, and that takes months till he realises his boats value is not what people will pay , the broker has a tough job , they usually try and list good stock so they know it will move , no easy remember they are trying to sell your boat , if it's not up to scratch and priced right his position is hard and the answer is make an offer I will see what he can do
  10. You don't need criticism for this but a medal , that's a well thought out project well built , well done , does the boom clear with main up and hard on wind in a tack ,
  11. Tony smith , Ian walker
  12. Brokers have 7.5 percent plus gst Fee minimum , some have $50k rentals to pay and some admin at the desk , sellers list with them for exposure , and ask what they want , ,so many sit on the market going no where ,some brokers have boats on there books for years ,over priced , but brokers have a hard life It's not easy in that industry , you have the dreamers. ,he wants SHE doesn't , the timewaisting types feeding their one day boat , wanting to see every thing on the water , the. There is the traders with a piece of crap trading up , trying to convince the seller to take it , it goes
  13. Myjane

    Boat windows

    Well I did the windows on my mates boat used all the materials said , looks good , but the caulking product I don't know , the Dow 795 , you can't paint it , it's soft , and once the window is in , days later you can move it in the opening , where's MS is harder , sticks well to the window and is paint able And the Dow we had a leek in one corner that baffled us as the was no sign of anything , the glass was treated first many times with there product , rubbed the stuff in many times around the perimeter , the rebates sealed , I thought it would be better ,
  14. Hi you know these boats are old now and quite cheepish , and plastic , so you will have to do your homework on the hulls , mechanics, etc , you talking max carter 33 or the euro carter 33 , if so check it out
  15. But it all comes down to the cost of running it , the marina puts many off buying , the haul out fees , the paint content , all goes against the investment , and taints the excitement, so the boats are slow to sell and very negotiable, the weather is crap , , campervans in this country are on an up , easy to store at no cost ,, at home ,, cheep to run , and the wife's are more interested than boats in cases , lots of boaties turn to that way of life away from the other , the 80s class boats are struggling to hold price over age , condition , new motors , rigs , paint jobs all against them now
  16. Lucky bugger way to go and once away from here your never look back
  17. There not explosives they don't go bang they are flairs , markers ,
  18. Myjane

    Empty marinas

    You would be a fool to be coned into paying the over inflated prices ,there is so many empty
  19. Myjane

    Open 60?

    I would imagine the irishmans boat would be a binner after the state it arrived
  20. Thankyou wheels just the advice I was looking for and yes it's heavy so will be glueing a shelf off the bulkhead to rest it on and fasten it in place , thanks
  21. Go to M power on the shore they are solar pros and battery experts and priced good , best deal I could find and help
  22. Hi it's a gaudi type so to save the impeller maby the top of the strainer just above water level as you say there is a cock on the intake ,so it can be just below , maby
  23. I managed to come across a gaudi type raw water strainer , the one with the glass top and the lift out filter , was wondering at what hight does it fit , should the glass top be a water level or what .
  24. Paper charts are fine if you know how to read them and decide to over electronics
  25. I see a photo of the boat on the reef , a shame ,
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