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  1. Myjane

    Great weekend

    Muzled, our sail numbers are almost , 4506 , , , well done a kite , well wind must had been up the rear ,where you go.
  2. Myjane

    Great weekend

    Muzled, our sail numbers are almost , 4506 , , , well done a kite , well wind must had been up the rear ,where you go.
  3. Myjane

    Great weekend

    Is that TK the boat
  4. Myjane

    Great weekend

    Interesting wind directions wind from kawau was south on the nose , returning from te kouma on the nose thought you would had a reach some had 20 kts some none
  5. Well who had a great weekend away in the boat. Maharangi. Kawau , all thoes spots packed Weather did I It’s thing , on the nose every where , fishing was ok , had a ball ,
  6. Thanks it’s clearer now , what a shame
  7. Obviously there systerm isn’t popular or not widely used , one would think these guys would use it. ,
  8. Idlerboat , yes but better having a red pleeper on your cockpit gps pointing the way , time is the essence , just drop the gear and start the engine and point , order the crew on deck to spot ,I have been asking one of my today who can do anything with electronics to think about it ,come up with an idear ,
  9. Hi hearing how it happened ,trying to get forward to help the ship , very sad. , we have all done it in our waters and weather , it’s a risk and I will venture forward tomorrow a few times alone wide eyed keeping an eye on the boom to do something ,
  10. Idlerboat yes all makes sense the mob on the survival suits should be tested and reloaded battery wise on these voyages , and showed on the onboard gps at all times crew are there The Epirb is good but not when your in the water , there is to much down time ,waiting , etc
  11. Well done wheels , that’s right what time it takes to get about is marked with a locator ,for the boat to retrieve the mob , Ive done six crossings to the pacific three up three back ,I ve seen the size of the swells it’s only seconds before sight is gone of a obstacle so trackers would help ,
  12. I entered in the wrong forum, I have all wondered why they have not got a flair on there shoulder and a tracker to the boats gps so they can drop the gear turn and follow the track to the mob , the flair to position the boat for retrieval , the ocean wet weather gears company’s should get involved with this for these king of races. These guys are speeding along so fast covering the ground quickly
  13. I don’t know why they don’t have a long sight flair on there shoulder and a tracker to the ships gps , I hav wall ways wondered on these points , it makes sense the tracker so the boat can drop gear and follow the track to the mob ,and the flair to help get into position to retrieve him , but very sad
  14. I read someware that it was mentioned to anchor behind the poor nights , in that wind direction and swell I doubt it would work I know the area and it would be stupid
  15. We talked it over about going out for better seastate but may have been beaten back the white water ontop of the swell was fast and deep So kept going edged towards whangarei and in we went , the further south heading to auckland would mean shallow water and steeper swell I n70 knots is a no no , we needed to dump crew who wanted to get off the boat We headed for home after a clean up a week later
  16. What a shame they had a good headsail , main out of action , but could had powered into it slowly we in 83 , had a 70 plus knot cyclone on the way back from noumea ,we had been talking to Keri Keri radio being ask to keep a look out for another boat in our sector ,, Lionheart ,, we did see lights behind us hours before breeze built , the seas 6mtrs and breaking from behind. Crew wouldn’t come on deck so it was just the two of us ,lionheart hit rocks off Whangaroa , we were booked to do customs at tut but ended in whangarei Visibility was the problem We saw tuts entrance briefly but i
  17. There jib still seams ok so they have way on , so the boat may have blowen out the main but the jib is there , last I herd 14 miles to whangerai , keep going
  18. I can’t see the Farr bit in the design I’ve known it as a cropp some one has spent a fortune on it trying to give it some worth , no galley , the floor seams to be stepped and an electric motor wow
  19. Just bin it and treat your self and the boat to a new beta
  20. Yes I think your right , the only difference is can’t smell it or hear it only for the greenies .you can’t beat a good diesel
  21. I am not doing it I have a new diesel and love it , but I see on the net Many are having a go ,I did the sums charging required to run the thing and it’s huge all for 20 nm of motoring , 8 battery’s total weight 600 pounds , solar panels 600 watts total 6 panels about 6 square mtrs I don’t think it would be good for long range cruising.
  22. Has any body done a electric conversion for a yacht , what battery back up does one need and solar panel area needed , and is it ideal for world cruising , can you have a normal house battery life etc
  23. Seeing this if you don’t I could be temped what a lovely boat
  24. Just slap another one along Side it and clamp up should be fine
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