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  1. Hull was built by Lidgards and is core mat fibre glass. It appears the only wood is that strip around the top of the hull, it’s internally glassed in.
  2. Please help, I am looking at purchasing this boat. Have found soft wood where the staunchion screws enter through the deck topside into a timber that is glassed in. The timber runs from bow to stern, it’s fully glassed in. It sort of looks like the diagrams shown except it’s tabbed in corners like the yellow line I have drawn and doesn’t have an external rub rail or bolts through that lip. Hopefully it makes sense. The boat is a Lidgard 29. Is this major? Is it structural, it’s likely each stanchion screws have let water in each one,would it need full replacement or sections cutout and re
  3. Thanks BP, I was hoping you would comment. I suspected a difference, didn’t think it would be that big. Just starting the search for a first keeler (had a ty). Looking for a mix of family boat and also solo/offshore capable and with enough budget for extras. They certainly look to fit the brief.
  4. Looks like the first few Cavs had the taller rig, the reviews were done and then the following boats had the shortened mast for rating purposes. Does anyone know if there’s much difference? The reviews of the tall version sound great. Did they loose much in the light airs? the Australian version appears to be the tall rigs and also a lot have wheel steering and the interiors are possibly a better layout. Is it worth trying to find a tall one? And or an Aussie one?
  5. For those that saw the post on this boat previously I want to update that it has all been sorted and everyone is happy. Thanks to a Crew member here, this boat was located, and the owner turned out to be the second owner since it was sold, he was unaware it hadn’t been paid for and being a top bloke helped to get it sorted. Thanks to Crew.org what a great community we have.
  6. Very tidy boat indeed, old motor and cable brakes, otherwise certainly worth the trip up to check it out. Message me if you want to see the Hamilton one on way past aswell, I can arrange it. Club compound prices best to call them, but ball park 5-700 ish per annum (including club fees etc) Yes brakes get wet, very wet,but you do need them. in salt you want to rinse immediately every time after launch and retrieve. compounds generally have hoses. If storing at a compound and you can remove them it’s a bonus. I tow with a 2wd 3lt Hilux no problem at all, occasionally minor spin on
  7. Hi Jase, I’m the guy in the video. Catalina 7s are great boats. They all have the stub keel, it’s a huge safety feature. Almost all the trailer yachts are from the 70s/early 80s, most were very well built and the hulls will outlast all of us. For your initial brief almost any trailer yacht will be suitable provided it’s over say 20 ft to fit everyone. The Cat7 will happily go further once you are ready. The NZTYA page has reviews on tons of models so scroll through that stuff. Depending on budget the noelex 25 might be suitable aswell? There are newer trailer yachts such as the Ross780s or Ell
  8. It’s been left on the mooring for a long time. I’m not sure anyone will see it out and about. It’s moored as per the picture if anyone’s over that way... Mid summer mystery alright!
  9. That’s me “knocking on the door” no one home, not for awhile...
  10. Here is a better shot, having a cheeky look.
  11. I have another photo coming hopefully a better one. almost flush deck, very large steering wheel. The cockpit was split by a raised section forming two cockpit wells, the raised section held the traveller and the steering wheel. Home port was Alicante if that helps. Had a very solid looking mast and was well setup for blue water. I like the look of the boat. It was moored up and no one was around unfortunately.
  12. Sorry it’s a bad photo, but does anyone know what this boat is? Was at the Barrier last week, clearly a blue water yacht, stern said it was from R.C.R Alicante. Low free board and very wide, had a strong looking mast. Looked very capable. Any ideas??
  13. Trying to understand the regs, please help. CatC race wording as pictured. What is meant by direct supervision? Also what would be considered substantially enclosed waters? There is no definitions in the document.
  14. Swirly worlds trips are impressive! So the passport thing is just for landing in foreign countries and the Cat 1 piggy backs on that for our own safety? I’m not against any of it, just trying to understand it.
  15. Because there is no landing in another country? Are you leaving nz? Do passports become a thing?
  16. Sailing to the Wanganella banks and back, does that require Cat 1?
  17. I don’t know any ocean to be fair, I’m sure the craps everywhere and we need to be on our game to keep our end clean. Over sensationalism doesn’t motivate me to get too involved though, it breads distrust. That story said it flushed from Guatemala and has been a long standing issue from that area.
  18. This doesn’t represent the “worlds oceans” it’s a localised area of some disgusting people with extremely poor sanitation practices. We can carry our groceries in flax baskets and use card board straws all day long, it won’t make any difference at all to their blatant disregard for the environment.
  19. That’s a shame then, be nice to re purpose them. What about the under 10m2 rule? Not sure what size yacht that would equate to?
  20. I think they would make cool tiny homes/sleepouts. The council could giveaway the boat and subsidies the transport cost by say $2500. The boat can be “up cycled” into a tiny home or creative sleepout. It solves a few problems in one go.the councils cost will be at least halved, its win/win. Obviously not very suitable for urban properties, more aimed at the lifestyle block type areas. They would probably comply with councils restrictions on minor dwellings fairly easily. I would take one if this was on offer. Could a be cool “air bnb” with a point of difference.
  21. Caught the last race, if you liked the AC you will like this. All boats racing at same time. The app is cool to have going while watching on sky.
  22. The app works, shows boat speed, heading, ride height pitch roll etc, all free. but no video because here sky has exclusive. I’m just about to bring sport back so I can watch!
  23. Mines exact same, put the pan or jug etc on the flame when lit, it traps the heat and heats up the flame failure thingy way quicker.
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