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  1. I bet Russell C is impressed to have this in his face each time he looks out the window!
  2. SeaAir

    VHF radio help

    Hi... try channels 19..20 or 21 depending on which part of the gulf you're in. Good luck...
  3. Oops.. yep you got it Leftred... VSR! I've checked all the cables LBD.. especially the earth and they all seem A1. CarpeD ... yep the VSR does prioritise the charge between the house and crank batts. I probably didn't make it clear, but the issue arises whenever the batts are off the shore power (charger) ... that's whether the boat's in the marina .. or out'n'about.
  4. No.. the only charge source when not connected to shore power is the single 80amp alternator via a VCR. It's a 12v system.
  5. Hello everybody... I'm looking for advice about a vexing issue with my start battery. Onboard I have 2x AGM house batts (in series.. 320ah) and a wet cell crank (770cca) charged by a standard 80ah alternator and a 7 stage charger when connected to shore power when in the marina. The house batts are twice the age of the crank and appear to be pretty healthy as we can be on the pick (eg.. overnight) using energy and they're maintaining a good state. However if the crank battery has been idle for a similar period, it's usually 'sluggish' and can often struggle to turn over the m
  6. Thanks Island Time... yep, it'll be coming down. This weekend's cruise confirmed it's definitely spinning slowly. Has anybody had experience in cleaning a unit like this? I'm thinking maybe to use meths as a cleaner, but what would be an appropriate lube?
  7. Hello all you tech types... hoping somebody can offer a little advice on the stowe anemometer fitted at the top of our mast. It appears to be under reading by as much as 1/2 the actual wind speed. Is this a case of maybe a simple clean of the head unit?.. or something more complex like a bearing about to fail or poor wiring? Interested to get any ideas... Cheers .. Phil
  8. Thanks heaps!... a brilliant reply to my concerns. Yep.. my main concern is that my charging practice would have been damaging the batts.
  9. Hoping to gain some advice from some of you battery gurus whilst this thread is active... I have a 7 stage battery charger fitted in my boat and I currently manage my battery health (in the marina) by having the charger on for about 10 days... then off for a week or so. The idea being to 'rest' the batteries. Could this harm the batteries? (AGM's) .. or is it better to be (smart) charging 24/7?? Would appreciate any thoughts.... thanks.
  10. Hello to all you engine gurus... I have a Yanmar diesel with a heat exchanger cooling system. Can I do any harm to seals/alloys etc by flushing on a regular basis using an additive such as 'Salt Away' ... 'Salt Attack' .. etc. Thoughts?.. Comments?
  11. I used to own one years ago called 'Limbo' ... (most had names associated with music) Just wondering if anybody knows where she is now??
  12. SeaAir

    Weather apps

    Hi everybody, Just curious as to which weather source (Windy.. Predict wind etc) that are favoured.
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