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  1. One week until kick-off!
  2. It's even on the phone software Fish!
  3. Thanks KM. Not too hard to find.
  4. It is not part of this series. However the Rooute 66 is and on both occasions that I have done it I have been awake for more than 24 hours although 10 minute cat naps with an alarm, in the cockpit do keep you charged.
  5. KM have a look at the rudder on Motorboat. I made that. Boody nice shape.
  6. You could win it again!
  7. Great to see entries coming in. Will be a good fleet again this year. Remember their is a non extras division if you prefer a more leisurely sail. Great to have Devonport, Buckland's beach and the Pons back as partner clubs for the series again this year. More multi's? Lots of chatter last year.
  8. I have a carbon filter in the vent line. Seems to keep the odour at bay.Also keep the vent piping higher than the tank.
  9. If there were HisnHers it would be single handed. Unless you have two boats eh Ryan.
  10. Entries are now open on the link below. It is great to have Vinings along as the sponsor for this summers single handed sailing challenge. New courses, new shirts, new blow -up toys! We will have it all. We are also running two divisions again to allow for all you first timers to come along and join in the fun. http://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016-17-RYC-Singlehanded-Series-EF.pdf
  11. Congratulations and thank you to the SSANZ organising committee for another great winter series.The racing get better each year.
  12. THIS SUMMER'S ULTIMATE SINGLE-HANDED SAILING CHALLENGE Last season the Richmond Yacht Club’s single handed series provided even more challenge, excitement and camaraderie and this season we’ve added to that challenge. This year’s new series sponsor, Vining’s Marine, a well-respected marine brokerage from the beautiful Waikawa Bay, has recently opened an office in Westhaven and are pleased to be the prime sponsor of this iconic series. This year’s series has been extended to ten races to add greater challenge for competitors and to give them the opportunity to get together at various venue
  13. Hopefully there will be more than one entry. Richmond will be putting up a special trophy.
  14. Yep! We're back on track. Races 1 & 2, hosted by the Pons will kick the series off in October. New brand, new challenge, more competitors. The big one this year will be the Coastal Classic -solo!
  15. Go the Smak. Just need the E770 now. And someone to buy and enter the UNITEC2. All the hard work done.
  16. I thought the weather was OK for the last RNI. Sure you're not getting mixed up with the Round NZ?
  17. Now for those on limited budgets. What other small boats are considering this?
  18. Fantastic fun as always. Tricky at times and a reminder to keep with it until finished. Very light and fickle between LB and GB so plenty of passing lanes. The big surprise was the greeting from Jon with his bucket of goodies and a voucher for $100 for first on line. Then again at prize giving for another $500 for the handicap win! What amazing support from Chains Ropes and Anchors for short handed sailing.
  19. Changed


    Taken over by Garmin?
  20. Changed


    AFU your mailbox must need emptying. My contact is 0275827271. Cheers Richard
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