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  1. Thanks I submitted an objection to SAPLittleShoalBay@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz
  2. aardvarkash10 I was about to say that max $10k would be very good for Auriga. Am I understanding you correctly that you wouldn't pay that for it? As David said you could probably live on it for a couple of years and then sell it for $5k without spending too much.
  3. Someone said "idyllic bays aren’t so good in the winter when it’s gusting 30knts". I'd have to disagree. There's nothing sweeter than sheltering in a nice bay out of the wind. You breathe a big sigh of relief nudging up into the calm. As for insurance, I'd agree with David, by the time you pay big bucks year after year you could buy another boat (which stands for Bring Out Another Thousand). Fuel berths on many marinas are public infrastructure operated under licence to the landowner (Auckland Council around the Gulf) and you don't need insurance as far as I know. I'll send you a DM re my boat
  4. Kia ora Steve. Thanks for you encouraging words about the triple bypass. It's a tough time for me deciding what to do about the boat. Even before the "event" it was becoming a bit hard for me to handle the 30 footer alone (my wife Joanna has a bad back and is not much interested these days). Can I ask you what type of boat you sail?
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    1. Steve Pope

      Steve Pope

      Hi Kevin, My wife lost interest as well hence most of my solo sailing, Sadly she died last June of a medical stuff up, so I am definitely a solo sailor now. My wonderful yacht, which a very good friend calls a flounder is a Trismus 37, one of about 36 alloy ones built in Brittany in France in the late 1970's. There have been around 400 built, mostly of composite / fibreglass etc. She is a twin centre board (in line boards) cutter she draws 2m boards down and 1m with them up. The main board add 1m and the aft board (under the cockpit adds .75m. She has been a world ship having been to the arctic from France then to Alaska via the Horn, the pacific islands (milk route) and has been in NZ since the 1990's.

  5. Thanks Steve Much appreciated. I'm 63 now and maybe have a few years left. Hee hee. How old were you when it was done? BTW for anyone who has it in their family. GET CHECKED. A brother died young due to a heart attack and I put it down to bad living. Another brother had a heart attack and I put it down to bad living. Then I got short of breath and thought, hang on I should get checked. Four months after the op I still didn't realise I'd had a heart attack. The GP said I had. I said no, just short of breath and they found it when I went to ED. Wrong she said, you've had a heart attack. Oh
  6. Easterly 30. If you're interested I would sell mine. I've had a triple bypass a few months ago and am not sure I will be up to sailing it solo as I used to.
  7. Thanks. I got one on trademe and am picking up today! The guy I'm getting it from said he would never chain it up at a public dingy rack because it would get stolen. Geez there's some aholes in the world.
  8. Thanks Fish. I've never done stitch and glue and am happy to put that pleasure off for a while.
  9. Great background is Peter Ballance pdf available to download. Here's a screenshot from the pdf
  10. It has a seabird sail but the owner is not sure it's a Seabird and is reluctant to let me have a sail. It's fibreglass. If it's a seabird how much might it weigh? I'm thinking about buying it as a tender but I got stung once on a Walker Bay which sailed like a dog upwind.
  11. Peter Blake's old boat disappears for days at a time and then comes back. I'm guessing it's within the rules.
  12. Do you have a chart of the Harbour Master's limits? I imagine some other authority could move them on outside the limits?
  13. Wondering if anyone has one for sale or know where to buy one. All I want is a simple little tender. Aluminium 8 foot, two rowing positions. I can't believe how hard it's been trying to find one. None of the manufacturers in NZ seem to go for small and simple these days.
  14. Why not an Easterly 30? https://kmccready.wordpress.com/?s=easterly+30
  15. Thread drift. Talking about human stupidity. I taught a refugee friend to drive and discovered that the Number One Cause of Failing Driving Exams in Aoteaora is failing to stop at a stop sign. How stupid is that?
  16. Agree 100%. It might reduce a few drownings too.
  17. Immediate phone call to rangers. I fail to get this "don't be a nark" culture. I'm happy to "nark" on pricks who think they are above the law.
  18. Agree on the private operator problem. When I phoned Auckland Council they didn't want to know. I finally tracked down the council officer with responsibility for the contract. She said I'm new in the job I know nothing. Seems she gets paid an enormous amount too if her job title is anything to go by.
  19. Ta for spelling. Seems there are two versions. The family there still goes by Chamberlin I think. Pleased Oranga Bay is good. Feeling jealous and cut off from my boat until my stolen dinghy gets replaced.
  20. I saw these words in my email subject list and for a joyful moment thought there may be a neat solution to the noisy neighbour problem. Oh well, hope springs eternal.
  21. Make sure you don't go to hospital for a triple bypass operation and overlook an email from the lovely people at STF Limited. They have a contract from Auckland Council to run the boatyard known as The Landing at 10 Takami Drive, Orakei. I overlooked an email reminding me to pay my rental for dinghy rack 85 next to the toilets. This afternoon when I went down to use the dinghy to get out to my boat in Hobson Bay my dinghy was gone. So was every little bit of rope and chain etc. Not only that but the whole rack had been cleared of old dinghies and broken inflatables. It had all been s
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