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  1. Thanks for that. Sounds great. I certainly won't be able to do them all but should put my series entry in in case I can make enough to be in the series. Another random leftfield question, I know its single handed but what age consitutes an extra hand. In other words it might be my only way to get a leave pass for some of the races to take one of my 3 boys, with me- all under 4 years old. Its a handfull for my wife when I bugger off sailing so taking one with me makes it a lot easier. They are more of a hinderance than a help on the boat. Probably not allowed but worth asking.
  2. Bryon, can you please explain the different series and individual races a bit better, ie which ones are harbour races and which ones are longer. Are the richmond destination races longer and planed to end up at an ancorage for the night?
  3. haha, I dont think a P class would even be able to float me. Min 8m it says anyway.....
  4. Im currently internalizing a really complex situation......... It might involve the smallest possible boat in the longest possible cat 3 race.
  5. Cool wast quite the term we used but close, I think it more like queer or something.
  6. B00B00

    We did it

    Congrats David. She's a great boat. Hope to see you out there over the hollidays!
  7. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    Got the last coat of undercoat on last night. Hopefully top coating in the weekend weather dependent.
  8. Might have to bring the Rattle up for an adventure.
  9. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    I will start by shortening the top and maybe building composite gudgeons just on the rudder itself to stiffen that whole section up. Then maybe build a new one eventually or modify/fix anything suitable that I get my hands on. The current rudder isn't too bad, its deeper than standard and was replaced in 2004 so there is nothing wrong with it other than being heavy and a bit ugly.
  10. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    finally faired and painted.
  11. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    We then marked and cut out the transom. After that we filled in the cockpit floor and sides with 12mm marine ply, dry fitted everything then sealed it and glued it in place and coved the inside and outside. The next step was to glass the whole lot. We used 450gm E glass DB over the whole lot and then the edges and around the transom with 2 layers of 450gm carbon DB. The central support for the top rudder gudgeon was also covered with carbon all over and a support forward was added. This made it very strong! Then came the fairing and bogging...... It took 2 lots of bogging and sanding to get
  12. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    Next stage was glassing the duckboards to the transom. I used 2 layers of 45gm carbon DB for this with a healthy glue cove all around. the next stage involved a chainsaw......
  13. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    I finally got the first coat of paint (interprotect) on the transom after some huge modifications. Its come out even better than expected and wasn't that much hard work. I have added some duckboards on either side of the rudder and cut the transom away. the boat feels about 5ft bigger. Most of the glassing and taping is carbon to keep it all stiff enough. The duck boards are 25mm high density foam with a layer of 800gm DB on top and 600 on the bottom with the supports made out of the same.
  14. Finally got the first coat of paint (interprotect) on the transom after all the modifications. Its come up pretty good.
  15. No they are just glued and carbon'ed on there. They have the big support on the bottom and should be pretty grunty. I grinded right back to bare glass and also put a carbon patch under bottom of the support to make sure it doesn't push the bottom corner into the foam transom. Havent had a chance to really give them a booboo bounce test yet but did hang off them the other day with no movement at all. The boards themselves are 80kg foam, with a layer of 800gm glass on the top and 600gm on the bottom with carbon and extra E glass taping around the aft edge.
  16. Big weekend.... Poker on friday night (didn't win), early start for the simrad on saturday and a late arrival home, sunday another early start for a drive down to Tauranga for the winter series race on the Mumm 36 'Whatever' with Colin an another very late arrival home last night just before 10pm and back at work this morning. Didnt see much of the family this weekend. Last weekend I managed to get my new duckboards glassed on the back of the marauder, turned out good, just got to sand the bog and paint the transom now.
  17. Im working on on a good plan. Will update if it gets much further.
  18. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    I would be quite happy if someone repainted my boat for me while I was away!!
  19. B00B00

    marauder mk 2

    I think there is one or 2 for sail at westhaven marine brokers. Im just in the process of doing some transom mod's to my Marauder, not sure if i will open it right up or just do a big duckboard. It already as the taller rig and deeper keel so not in class configuration. Seriously good boats, sail nicely and seem to be very sea worthy. We have beat into 40kts with 2 reefs and a small amount of jib out, no problem.
  20. B00B00


    I have used Micron 66 before which was really good (lucky i didnt have to pay it was left over from another BIG project) at keeping the growth off and lasted but i couldnt afford to use it again. then had Trilux on the SR26, this was good and lasted 18months but fouled really quick. it was smooth and didnt stain at the waterline. foul came off easily but grew back really fast, like under a month and she was real dirty. Then had micron ultra on the GBE, it was OK but in fact pretty average and didnt last long. I also hate the green you get on the waterline. Tried some seahorse on the maraude
  21. Yes Stu, Russell Davis 'send it' on this forum runs Absolute CNC http://absolutecnc.co.nz/about-cnc/ Phone: +64 (0)9 444 8511 Email: info@absolutecnc.co.nz Hes a good dude and sails a lot on skiffs and Multihulls, and is a regular for our Winter Poker nights (although hes not very good at either.... He should be able to help you. What exactly are you doing Stu, New rudder for the 930? There might be others keen on doing a similar rudder to spread the cost (maybe myself included).
  22. Best thing on this thread so far...... I agree that paying a premium for a well maintained and fitting out yacht is often (almost always) the most cost effective way of doing it as you can chuck alot of money away doing up a boat and only get a small fraction of that back. But I have gone against that rule on my last 4 boats (including my current one) and come out just fine each time. Some people enjoy working on boats, I find it extremely satisfying to take something and make it better and am not afraid of a bit of hard work to get there. My first boat was in pieces when i got it, ke
  23. I did a mission down to Rotorua to take my 3.5year old to rainbow springs and the luge. We camped with my brother and cooked dinner in a natural thermal oven, lamb shanks and veges, tasted like a hungi, it was great. Highly recommended. Needed a few hrs to cook though. The young fella loved it. Then back just in time for the SR nationals.
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