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  1. yeah the rattle has the galley just forward like a Y88 so has the 2 quarter berths but we sacrificed one quarter berth for a bigger galley then a MASSAVE aft locker. They are all very different. And they really are great little cruisers. I wil probably end up getting another SR one day...
  2. Yes Mercenary is a fast boat, they cleaned up the nationals last year and I would say it is one of the fastest SRs around. The only other one close is the Rattle but that was just particularly well sailed… The boat was always faster than the jagged edge except for the very very light when its pretty even. The new keel makes a decent difference especially for shorthanded and cruising. They are close to having full headroom, but in the galley area under the hatch there is plenty. We cruised Jagged with a baby for 2 weeks and also did many weekend trips. With a boom tent they are awesome. I
  3. Also I think the masthead conversion would be quite a bit more, by the time you add jumpers and stays, even a jammer is over $100 these days!
  4. A new masthead kite would be more like 4-5k depending on which cloth I think KM, a standard Y88 kite is $3600.
  5. Sorry for the thread hijack, back to the R930s!!
  6. Sold mine close to a year ago, not by my choice thou, my boat partner wanted to sell. and yes wineglass they do go upwind just fine, especially in under 10kts!
  7. I think you worded that perfectly Ken.
  8. Here is my 2 cents worth. The question about how long a sail lasts is a hard one to answer, I guess you can kind of relate it back to car tires, it depends on the amount of usage, type of usage and quality of the initial purchase. Tires will last for a long time before they are actually to worn out to get you from A-B anymore, but your performance will be down, and they could blow out at any stage. Even when they fail a warrant they still have a year or so of use out of them before they are completely ruined. For sails its even harder to pin point how long they will last as there as so m
  9. I would think half the issue is the old stretchy cloth, its allways goign to bag up when partially furled no mater what you do to it or how big or small it is. of course the bigger it is the larger the percentage of your sailing will be with it partially furled. modern laminates allow you to go with an almost full size #1 and still hold their shape when furled. we still recomend going with a #2 designed size which is normally 135-140% and raising the clew slightly for better reaching and so you dont have to adjust the car too much. half the problem is that Dacron physically lasts so bloody l
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