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Anchor chain re-galvanising

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Yeah ballystick, same here! My Chain is 10mm PB from Ausy. KM says it's good stuff, and despite having already been re-galv 2x, Wheels tested a bit of it for me - still pretty close to spec!

Kevin, I'll let KM answer that, but for me, when the chain starts to drip rusty water, or looks rusty, time to do it again.... And some say it can only be done twice. That's why I tested mine first, before a third go..

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At the moment re galvanising is still about 1/2 the cost of new good stuff.... even new bad stuff.


You can re galvanise more then twice AS LONG AS the galvaniser knows his game well or they can over cook it which can bugger it. That's even more important if you have the seriously strong chain like Maggis AQUA7 or ACCOs G70.


Not too sure how you'll fair re galvanising some chains that have the newer types of finished like PWB's ArmourCoat but I suspect it'll be fine. I know re galvanising over Maggis Zinc-O-Met finish is fine, which is handy as there is now a lot of that in use.


What we heavily suggest is that if you are into your 2nd or more re galvanising (even after the 1st if you 'aren't too sure' it went well) you get a bit tested just for the peace of mind, like IT wisely did by the looks. To do that get 500-1000mm off each end of the chain and get it tested. This is to check you still have the strength you think you have. We can do that or there are others, anyone with a test bed should be able to do it for you. Costs? Hard to say what some would charge but I can't see it being much, to test 2 lengths doesn't take long. Doing that will give you a good indication of where it's at.


As a FYI - in the last couple of months we have tested a fair bit and most has been OK. 2 stand out cock ups were a 10mm Stainless that should go to at least 5000kg went as low as 880kg after flying through a visual test good as gold, no one saw that coming. The other was a 8mm that should have gone to at least 3200kg if it was what the seller sold it as, it failed at a tad over 2000kg, it was brand new never used and is still currently being sold around NZ. mostly the Auckland area, as being good stuff. Both of those 2 chains were made in the east. So I'd suggest any 'chain bargain' is only someone deciding to be fair and reasonable with chinese made.




I'd say 'Chain Bargains' don't exist in NZ. There is the Maggi and PWB being sold at tiny margin as most can't see the difference between those and the chinese, which is being sold with massive margins, so the price of good chains in NZ are already bloody low. And sorry to pop the bubble of the 'it's away cheaper to buy offshore' brigade but you can buy Italian made chain 25-30% cheaper in NZ than you can in Italy. Same applies to the aussie PWB made as well, it's cheaper in Akl than it is in Sydney.

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