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Foiling Gunboat Cruiser

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From what I have seen around places with licencing schemes, there were just as many stupid issues as there are here. Including Singapore and Ausy.


I do agree that video footage can be useful. I would have taken some of a Launch passing us at 20 knots or more within 15M (between two yachts) if I'd had my camera handy. I'll put it in the cockpit more often now. Footage would have gone to the harbormaster....

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Kevin I strongly disagree with the licencing. All it would do is provide jobs for some more bureaucrats, and more cost to go boating. It won't change the dickheads from being dickheads. I saw a few of

These will be on our waters MUCH quciker than you think. Dopey buggers with more money than sailing experience or manners will want to have them because their penises are too small. I'll want one too,

Only kidding. Not putting foils on the old boat. She will disintegrate.

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There are plenty of boats that go 30-40-50 plus knots right now so no knee jerk reactions required like licensing which is a slippery slope, I do not want it and don't mention the Singapore dictatorship thanks! . As for the gunboat cruising foiler, I do not think cruising and foiling are a compatible mix. 

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In NSW only $10?? That must have been a long time ago Kevin. It's around A$170 a year now if you get the one that covers all craft. About 250 to get a license in the first place. That's just in Sydney (NSW), if you go boating in any other state you have to do it all over again for that state.


And then you have to license the boat you'll be using, with all those fees of course.


Yet there water ways have a far larger retarded boat user component than ours do.


. As for the gunboat cruising foiler, I do not think cruising and foiling are a compatible mix. 

Totally concur.

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A few years back there was a comparison between Aus and NZ accident rates with recreational craft - NZ had a lower rate per head of population than Aussie - so Licencing may not improve anything.


Cost wise look at http://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/Commercial/Seafarer-certification/SeaCert-fees.asp


$761 for the issuing of the basic ticket - SRL

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