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2 cyl- how big?

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You can get that and more from 1 cylinder if you want. The number of cylinders and power are not related. The smoothness, quietness, torque, heat dissipation, RPM range, engine design, ease of turn over and start, which relates to smaller starter and thus smaller start battery, are all related to number of cylinders.

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Re Erice's foto, The ring gear on the flywheel suggests there is a starter motor tucked in the back side, you can see something poking out.. I doubt if it was electric but it could be??? I thought these big engines were started using compressed air directly into the combustion chamber..... am I wrong??



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Re Erice's foto, The ring gear on the flywheel suggests there is a starter motor tucked in the back side, you can see something poking out.. I doubt if it was electric but it could be??? I thought these big engines were started using compressed air directly into the combustion chamber..... am I wrong??

Almost word for word what I was going to say. Yes they are normally started by air, so the Starter puzzles me as well.

And it's 6 cylinders not 2, or have I misunderstood something.

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as above


in the motorcycle world 


you can get 850cc singles like the very rare DR 850 - 850cc/cyl



right through to world's most popular bike the 50cc super cub


that's single cylinder petrol motorcycle engines having a cylinder size range of 50cc - 850cc seventeen times!


obviously there is no agreement on how big a cylinder should be


why? because horsepower is only 1 of many variables the designers are looking for and hardly the most important


(in the car world apparently the swiss once claimed the 3 cyl 1000cc petrol engine was the best for fuel economy........ but that's only for a given weight car with a certain aerodynamic profile and certain expected torque, cost etc etc etc}


my modern 16hp 2 cyl mitsubishi diesel is about 100kg lighter than lower powered old single cylinder buhks + volvos that then had HEAVY flywheels to try to smooth out the single's pulsing delivery




the monster engine on the flatbed is apparently 


Finnish Wartsila has built the world’s largest and most powerful engine. The diesel engine is as high as a four-storied house and have an effect on the outrageous 109 000 horses and torque is unimaginable 7 600 000 Nm.

pistons-300x208.jpgThe engine is a common-rail diesel with 1820 liters (111.000 c.i.) with 14 cylinders. A large enough engine of course requires a lot of diesel and eats 72 gallons per minute. It weighs 2,300 tons and measures 13.4 meters in height and 27.4 meters in length.


The stove sits in the Emma Maersk, one out of the biggest container ships in the world. A common freighters usually have a maximum speed of 18-20 knots, but Emma Maersk tops throughout 31. Ship is twice as big as the Titanic was and weighs 170,000 tons. 




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Lanz were bought out by John Deere, Lanz made single cylinder tractors well into the late 1960's if not into the 1970's. I think they got up to around 65hp.

Indeed, although from the JD buyout time they were always painted in the yellow and green color scheme and called John Deere - Lanz as opposed to straight Lanz. I have one of the green and yellow ones sitting in a shed, but thats a 2 cylinder version ( as were all new models once JD took over I believe ).


Also have an older D60 series, but thats going to be a long term project......

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Was there also an Enfield??
For those that don't know what we are talking about, think of an old steam traction engine, scaled down somewhat due to a much smaller Oil fueled engine. One of the legends were that you could run one of these things on old Gumboots if you could just find away of getting them into the Cylinders.ith a single enormous Piston.

There was an old guy that continued driving one of these things around our District. Everyone called him "Midnight", because he was often heard from miles away driving down some road in the dark of Night, with nothing more than a lantern hanging off the back for light. The tractor was jet black and so very dangerous to come across in the night. Every now and then, he would load his Bike on the back of an old trailer and head off to CHCH. He would get to a side road close to Hornby and then park up and ride his bike into the City.
He was an old guy when I was a Kid and yet lived for many years further. His Home was a run down little cottage and the Animals often wandered through the House. He dressed in old rag type clothes. He was a local legend as well as possibly a sad lonely man I guess. I always remembered him entering Shops with a roll of 20's. He paid cash everywhere and it always was with this roll of twenties.
When he eventually died, the story came out who he was. Apparently he was a big time lawyer in his day. His Wife died and he was so affected, he simply became this recluse and his life virtually froze in time it seems.

     Oh and another story of these old tractors. We had one in our yard and one of the mechanics had to start it. You decompress the engine and then turn the crank handle on this enormous cast iron Flywheel on the side of the tractor. It is huge, trust me. Once you get enough speed up, you stop winding and quickly get to the decomp lever and flick it over and hope like heck you had enough momentum for the wheel to get the Piston over TDC. The thing is with these old engnes is that they run either direction. In this instance, the cylinder fired before TDC and the wheel kicked back the opposite direction. It can break your arm if you are not careful. Anyway, the engine fired up and the engine ran at full RPM backwards with the crank handle still inserted. These Tractors weight Tons. Yet at Full RPM, the actually bounce on the ground. No one would go bear the thing for fear of this handle, so it was left running till it ran out of fuel.

      A friendly local Farmer I used to do tractor work for when I was young, told me of his story driving one when he was a Kid. he fell asleep while Ploughing. He woke up as the Tractor was pulling itself up the bank of a large Creek. He had gone right through a Gorse hedge, into the Creek and was now climbing out the other side. They may have been small on Hp, but the Torque these huge Flywheels gave and the gearing along with weight and huge rear wheels made these things pull like anything.

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