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Nearly as good as taking a packed lunch to the launching ramp

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Elly - That is how we got away with minimal damage as i was flashing a torch at the boat then they must have seen us and hit full reverse but was going to fast and still managed to to hit us but was lucky it was only a bent staunchion.


Thing that got me was they didnt check for damage or ask if we were ok they just buggered off

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We watched about a 9m bridge cat swingng about on its anchor in the cove at GMI New Years Eve. The skipper of the neighbouring cat was concerned it was going to drag and hit him, so came across to Pulse to get some help to sort the problem.


Mr DT (previously Two2Tango) accompanied him to the offending vessel, where they weighed the small plough anchor on the end of just over 1m of chain, and attempted to re-anchor. The thing wouldn't steer into the wind (over 30kts), so they ended up tying her up to one of the house boats.


Thing is, they had left their boat unattended, rudders down (they were not able to be raised) helm not tied back, in winds forcast to be knarly, on 1.8m of chain and an undersized anchor.


Really have to wonder about the intelligence of some people sometimes.

I know we all make mistakes, and when I first joined here, I did so in order to learn what I did not know. And when in doubt, one asks questions to ensure they keep themselves and others safe.


TBH, I was gobsmacked. 

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Anchoring in a blow!is it best to anchor out in the true wind so there is constant pull on anchor ?(which I prefer)or seek shelter and with every gust feel the load been taken up on warp? 15lb plow with double the boat lenght of chain and then i let out 3 x depth,so i have a shallow pull. Am I correct? had a issue on monday night under Whanganui Island,constant pull but swing arc was a bit more than others as I tried to explain to other party I was here first or has that gone out the window?

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Depends. ;-)
And there within lies a rather open ended answer, because there are just too many variables to consider, so you have to base it on your own judgement at the time.
     Normal rule of thumb is 3x the water depth for all chain and 5 x the depth for a rope rode, with a minimum of 1.5x the boat length in chain. But it is a rule of thumb, which means it depends.
For an all chain rode, for every doubling of length, you increase the holding power by a factor of 4.
    The issue of sailing at anchor, possible change in wind direction, Tide change, etc, means that every boat needs room and too many are not considering that these days. If you feel uncomfortable that someone is too close, educate them, or at the least, have a boat that allows you not to care if you swing into them,because they will be the ones that come of second place and they get educated that way :roll:
   You will not stop sailing at anchor. Once again, there are so many reasons why it happens and you just have to live with it and other boats need to be aware that it is going to happen to both boats and eventually both boats are going to swing toward each other.
As for where to anchor, you pick where you feel most comfortable.
     By the way and this is a general out there comment to all. One golden rule of where to anchor. If you know a bit of a blow is coming or has arrived..... NEVER anchor at the bottom of a Gully. It's a place that often has the lovely little beach, tends to be pretty, often has good water depth and good holding and thus is very enticing. But Gullies are where the wind blows out of the hardest and is often very gusty. So if you are in for a good stiff blow in the night,(I wonder if KM can read that and keep a straight face) stay clear of gullies.

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Talk about entertainment today I anchored in the usual way in wind against tide at Opua. My boat decided it wanted to visit the neighbouring boats,close enough for me to have visions of no sleep tonight. Rather than re anchor I wrapped up the spare anchor chain, put it in a holed bucket with its own line and using hose as anti chafe sent it down the anchor rope to hold it on the bottom. That did the trick. The boat swings a normal amount and has stopped visiting the neighbours thankfully. Whew

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