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and   Henrik and Stratosphere Damage under the waterline The Hull, our Cabin together with Reib...after... The Cockpit When we left the island, Airport My new dress Arite and Map

Hi I just Found this discussion about finding the catamaran Stratosphere. I was member of the Crew on the journey from Panama , headed for the Philipines, and we ship wrecked at Christmas Island i

^ thanks Phil   found those, bit forlorn she looked   and as pics are better than words here again is the mag shot GregW posted on boatdesign   you can see where all the various half tubes went

Posted Images

The Napier built C2 ?? was called Double Vision. Was built by a fibreglass factory called Tropicana Fibreglass who mainly build pools and the like. The owner Trevor Cambell obtained the moulds from DB (he told me he bought them). Trevor was extremely scathing about the quality of the moulds, I think he epected to be able to mould a complete hull from one mould not make half a dozen pieces and have to stick them together. The boat was as someone said above overweight as it was built using a chopper gun. But it did have balsa core in the cabin top. It also had two volvo diesels in it.

It was fast by Napier standards holding an unofficial record for the Napier to Gisborne race. I think the time was around 7hours but I am not sure now. Trevor sold it overseas, I thought Florida and delivered her across the Pacific and through Panama Canal. The trampolines were a pulp dewatering fabric (like tough nylon fabloc with smaller holes), which I know beause I gave them to Trevor, I worked at the local pulpmill at the time and had a couple of the fabrics and was building my Tennant Firebird (for the first time) at the same time.


Rgd Timb

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I found the following online on a cruising log circa 1983.(http://www.michaelandnorma.com/cera_part2.html).

Christmas Island


Our guide introduced himself as Rieb, from Holland. He had been skipper of the wrecked catamaran, “Stratosphere”. With owner and crew aboard, the cat had lost both centreboards and rudders on passage from Panama; out of food and water, they had finally been driven over the reef ashore on Christmas Island. Rieb had stayed with the boat, with the intention that he should repair and, if possible, refloat her.

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Ah ha, I was sure she'd done a fair few miles inc up to the US via Tahiti, which was her 1st trip, before she must have ended up there.


The night before leaving drinkies was an epic affair. 2 got grabbed by the constabulary for stopping and having a piss off the top of the harbour bridge in the very wee hours. One being a well known local sailmaker.

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