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Pelagic Autopilots, anyone had any experience with them

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Solo circumnavigator Webb Chiles has one and reports on his blog that it's much more reliable than his Raymarine units (of which he carries several because they're so unreliable). The downside he ment

Hi Guys, Imported one of theses last year. Used for 1600m around the North Island on my Raven 31ft. Didnt miss a beat. Awesome unit at a realistic price. Other tiller-pilots are definately below par

Yes, my old raymarine  computer worked perfectly until it became incorporated via seatalk into a larger circuit. That has led to an intermittent  failure  probably due to current variation ,according to various experts ( some here).

 Also impossible to find , complicated by the intermittent factor. 

 But it was good, and all I wanted and want , steer to course.

John, there is an issue on your bus. Is it seatalk, or seatalk NG? If it is NG, common mistakes are ;

1/ too many terminators

2/multiple devices on a drop cable

3/power for the bus at one end, not the centre

4/2 bus power sources, at slightly different voltages


It should not be that hard to find, but I always start with drawing the bus out on paper, then following every cable to make sure its actually installed that way. Amazing what you find some times!

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Seatalk with the black flat connector is seatalk classic, or seatalk 1. Its really NMEA0183 with some additional stuff, like power, included. Its way more complex to set up than Seatalk NG or N2K. It can be problematic if you dont start all the devices in a set order - because some of it "decides" if it is a talker or a listener on boot. Its also pretty easy to overload the simple data bus, causing data loss and erratic behavior. Its harder to fault find, and often needs a PC to do this.Complex Seatalk 1 and NMEA0183 systems can be a bit of a nightmare to fault find...

Sometimes, due to the time involved, its just more cost efficient to upgrade the equipment and go to Seatalk NG (or better, imo, B&G, with industry standard NMEA 2000!!)

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....our TP32 has lost it just yesterday going to Brodies Creek. Suddenly flies over to port then starboard on both the fluxgate and n2k GPS. Notice a dull glow in the leds on both the port light and nav light. Only bought it in June, probably only done about 40 hours! Sheeeeeee!t!!!

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Still under warranty. Ring navico on

08004628426 for replacement.

Done but...how long!? Has to go to smart marine first who supllied it then to Navico AUSTRALIA. Got the RMA today, now waiting to see what smart marine wants to do. A shame as it worked well under N2K, hardly bothered with the fluxgate and was great under sail using the NASA nmea0183 anemometer via the MFD. Stuck with the old ST1000 which still holds a course using the fluxgate, never worked on NMEA. Tried to get a Palegic but they don't answer emails.

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