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Suss Murcury.


Yammy do a 6 and 8Hp which are pretty much the same size then the 9.9 and 15 are the same but a jump up.

But Murcury apparently have a 8hp size that chucks out 15hp.  Put a hi-thrust prop on a 15 and you'd be good in some nasty stuff I'd expect.


Looks like you'd fit a range in there without too much problem.

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Cool looks like a range,


It’s no race boat so not looking to peel the stickers off to save half of a gram. A 4 stroke 9.9 high thrust with a big low pitch prop sounds perfect except maybe $$$. A 2 stroke would be fine and probably also a 9.9hp. It’s a remote connection for throttle and shift only.


I’ll try get the Yammie sorted first and see if I can get a couple more seasons out of it. The controls are routed terribly as you can see. The throttle pops off the connector inside when over half revs and the gear cable is on such an angle it chooses wether it feels like engaging or not. Makes for some interesting manoeuvring in the current at the mooring surrounded by boats....

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How do the tohatsu's rate? They seem very popular overseas but don't see many around here. The 9.9hp 2 stoke seem good value and I understand are lightest in their class. They also come in a 25" leg version which would benefit some boats. If/when I replace my Yamaha I would be very tempted to try a tohatsu unless I hear some bad stories between now and then

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I had a 9.9 Hi Thrust 4S on the 930, pushed it into anything but heavy.

On a GBE you'd do 20 knots into a cyclone :)


How do the tohatsu's rate?

A lot motors sub 25hp are Tohatsu made, Yammy and Honda being 2 big exceptions. They are a bit like Ssingsong cars, not a big name but work equally well, at times better, but for less coin.

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I had a Yammie 9.9 4 stroke hi thrust in my GBE, was the gucci one with power tilt and start from a remote in the cockpit.

For cruising and short handed stuff it was absolute gold.

Had the prop where the exhust vented in the opposite direction when in reverse, so had loads of bite, and you could stop the boat on a sixpence. (You could also just about throw people off their feet with the amount of grip the prop had from a standing start :)

Max speed (about 7kts) was no different really to an 8hp 2stroke, but you could motor directly into 30+ kts at 5kt of breeze with no problems at about half throttle. (Fully throttle had us jumping out of the chop so had to back off a bit)

Yes it weighed 209KG more than the two stroke, but for ease of use and the knowlege that it would cope with anything for a cruising boat I think its worth it

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