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Keep our harbours clean – dispose of boat sewage properly

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Keep our harbours clean – dispose of boat sewage properly  
As the busy boating season begins, boaties are being encouraged to help protect Northland’s harbours by disposing of their sewage properly. 
Northland Regional Council’s summertime campaign is reminding people of the rules on untreated boat sewage, as even very small amounts can contaminate shellfish and make water unsafe for swimming.
Under the marine pollution regulations, untreated sewage from boats must be discharged well outside of Northland harbours or at a pump-out facility.
A new interactive map developed by the council shows you the marine pollution rules and near-by pumpout facilities in relation to your location – check it out at:  Online Marine Pollution Map
Under Northland rules, it's illegal to stay overnight in a mooring area – even at anchor – without a proper way of treating or containing your boat's sewage. This means having (and providing proof if requested):

  • a well-maintained treatment system that complies with the Marine Pollution Regulations; or
  • a sewage holding tank (a permanently fixed on-board sewage system which is: constructed in impermeable materials, and plumbed to a toilet, and incorporates a sewage tank with a discharge outlet).

If you see an illegal discharge, report it to the council’s 24/7 Environmental Hotline on 0800 504 639.
Find out more – visit www.nrc.govt.nz/marinepollution

Nick Bamford
Environmental Monitoring Officer, Coastal


Boat sewerage DL-flyer-v2.jpg


Boat sewerage DL-flyerv2.jpg

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We have a 80 l holding tank but at other times on previous boats we found that 2 lidded buckets of dry beach sand made a pretty good not so smelly holding tank, 1 bucket with a layer of sand to go in and then cover with sand after from the other bucket. Dump overboard where allowed and restock with sand at the next beach. Oops probably need a resource consent for removing sand from the beach!

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