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yacht in big trouble off Whangarei

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Coastguard attempted FOUR rescues. Including from helicopter. I'm fairly sure they would have 'just towed the boat in' if they could have. It certainly wasn't a case of not thinking of it...

Jetski registration came about because they are essentially unidentifiable and there are now lots of the little suckers. We all have sail numbers or names on the side.    I learnt not to swim anywhe

the fact that cg couldn't get out to them says a lot about the conditions, i'd say.

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I know that boat , it's in charter. (Edit , seems like a yachtshare arrangement rather than full charter according to people below.) I just would see it with different people using it.

To be fair , poor knights is not exactly a safe anchorage in that sort of wind. I suppose it could be done...You might hook up ok under the cliffs by or north of riko riko, but it's pretty deep. I count it a fair weather anchorage.

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Charter or multi owner. Mate of mine has a boat in ownership. He’s quite experienced and uses it a lot. Many of the owners sound like this couple. Over summer one group takes the boat to the bay and several owners alternate useage/cars until it comes back. Usually one of the more adventurous owners take it up or bring it back. Most of the owners are very much fair weather Izzy bay types and would be totally out of place in conditions like this.

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Another issue with multiowners and I was told this by a Mate that was in a 3 way. Is that you tend to go out when the weather isn’t good because your time won’t come up for 3 (or in this case 8) weeks. There is also pressure to relocate because they don’t want to pay berthage in opua and Westhaven at the same time.


That’s the kind of get home itis that kills people in planes and boats. Fortunately not this time

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