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Ah but very seaworthy, yes that traveller was very nice and an amazing passagemaker. but more comparable to a compact monohull than the floating bach/ multi bunkroom typical frog /South african charter cat.

The only issue I could see with her was where do you tie up unless you had a well sheltered swing mooring? And the usual multi issues in the gulf anchorages over summer... 

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Dick gave a great talk at NZMYC a few years back. Newicks boats were generally not designed with accomodation as a priority. I had an interesting email exchange with him about developing his old F28 concept tri into an 8.5. He thought it was a great idea but I couldn't afford the custom design fee. I have his 'pack of study plans' he used to sell and dig them out every so often for a drool...


His designs took an interesting turn towards the end of his life with more 'spacious' main hulls and bigger floats. These boats are more modern looking, but arguably less graceful than his earlier efforts.

See http://outrigmedia.com/outrig/multihulls-media/dick-newick-designed-trimaran-mocking-bird-now-for-sale/


Also a nice clip of a NZ Echo sailing

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