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Lead Carbon House Batteries

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The Lusty and Blundell dudes were telling me this type of charge needs to happen about once a month for the battery to keep its performance.




I was thinking I could probably achieve it by running both engines and the generator running a 60amp charger at the same time. Once a month would be OK to have to do that.


I made a spreadsheet to map out cost vs usable capacity vs cycles. Replacing the current AGMs is still the cheapest option long term. I'm thinking I'll replace the AGMs and spend the difference on more solar to keep them topped up.


Expanded options with two engines aye!


Love your new ride.


Good to know the 0.3C thing is once a month.

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I don't know what the average shore charger is but I have a Pronautic 1250P.

Not sufficient for one CLC battery @200ahrs / (10C discharge rate 0.3C min chg rate)


My current bank is 464ahrs. (Nearest CLC  would be 2x200ahrs,  0.3C =120A )

The Pronautic gets my FLA bank down to 4.6A in around 12hrs , average DOD.

For deeper DOD, I cycle it back to 50A repeatedly as it has a 1hr force to float not

getting down to 0.01C (4.6A)

Pronautic chargers only go to 60A.

Also, the1250P cost $750, so you would need to add a  pile a cash to the eqn if you planning 

to fulfil the 0.3 requirement shore charging.

A TBS Omnicharge 90A is $1775 +gst

Of course all these hi-output have temp. regulation.


If you want to stick to the criteria on only one engine I suspect you will be investing in some expensive

alternator(s), drive gear and charge regulator. I could ditch the fridge compressor , add another bosch 115A alt + ext reg and have it covered on one engine. But then i'd need  12v fridge.


FLA's haven't got their appeal for nothing. (0.1 to 0.25C recommended, plenty flexible)


Bottom line is, how does the performance of these Carbon lead crystal batteries suffer if you don't follow the regime.

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No matter what Battery type you use, the Batteries themselves are only part of the overall system. There is no point in having a large bank of batteries if you cannot get the charge back into them in as quickly as possible. Even the age old FLA battery should be charged at a 20% current. They also should have an Equalisation charge once per month. So you need a high output alternator and charge regulator along with a decent shore power battery charger, if you want the best performance and life expectancy from the Bank.
And as an extra, it is not good to leave an FLA on float for extended time either. Like over Winter. A charger that can apply a load once per month and then charge again is best.
But all the above is expensive and top shelf gear to be able to do it and because FLA can also take a fair amount of abuse, few actually go to this level of equipment. With these latest Battery technologies, it becomes more essential to have the supporting equipment to keep them alive.

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I was just chatting to a dude who has ordered 770aHrs of Firefly lead foam batteries to replace his collapsing house bank of AGM's.


They are coming from the Indian factory. The US factory/s closed but the company is still happening and is apparently has been an Indian owned company for over 15 years, something like that.


He said the cost was up there a bit but far better than my Lithium.


They maybe available in NZ/AUS shortly.

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