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Safety at Sea ,SSANZ Triple Series

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Weather is looking good for a great day out there.


Not to much but more then enough to keep you on your toes and looks like some good conditions to get all tactical on the fleets arse.

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news, stories, gossip, how much bail money was needed?


Was a great day on the water, pretty straightforward. Light to moderate breeze. Sun, dolphins, rum.  Hard to beat really. 


We had 10 div 1 boats and 14 div 2 boats on the NZ Rigging longhaul course, so a fun start and lots of boats to play with.  Wired disappeared pretty quick, but rest stayed close enough so we could most people most of the time.  In Div 2 Katana (sunfast) and us had a good battle on the beat, we both went left and hooked into a great lift which really helped our position at Tiri Navy Buoy.  They got there first, not by too much. Once kites were up we had a few ups and downs to break through, and then managed to hold the lead till the end, although there was always boats worryingly close behind.  Whole div was pretty close together, so we got a disappointing 7th.  Well done to Rob and Sally on Copelia for the handicap win followed by Spearhead and then Truxton.


No gossip, no bail money need.  Just panadol for my head this morning.

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