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  1. Yeah, I don't want to demonize the POA, but they do tend to play a pretty two-faced game. On the one hand they claim to be agnostic as to location and claim they are just an operational port company. However, on the other they take significant steps to undermine any case to move the port; create elaborate concept plans for hotels, roof-top parks and car parks which are all designed to make the idea of the staying put more attractive and they have a very well established track record of steadily encroaching into the harbour. The fact is that every bit of investment in their current operation
  2. Thanks for all the updates guys and great to hear she will be saved. I had admired her lines for some time and it would have been a shame if that had been the end ....
  3. Does anyone know the story about he small white classic keeler that has sunk on its mooring in the SE corner of Okahu Bay? It has been down there a couple of weeks I would guess. It had been somewhat neglected for some time as the mast had come down and was laid across the deck. Seems a shame a little classic with great lines should be dying this way. Anyone have any information?
  4. Is there a tracker operating - can't see anything on the website?
  5. Interesting - not sure when Raging Hormones was launched, but if it was, say, 2012, then that home finished Y88 you launched in 1988 for just over $100K would have been about $200K in 2012 - ie in rough terms about the same if RH wasn't home finished. If prices were about the same in real terms between 1988 and 2012, have they moved that dramatically since?
  6. Amen to that. Approx 6% of Auckland Port's freight leaves by rail; the rest on trucks into the most congested stretch of roading in New Zealand. Auckland will have another 1 million people in the next 20 years. Its just not sustainable to have a an operational freight port in the middle of the city, particularly as its capacity will need to grow over time. Many other countries have realised this and ports have moved accordingly - it is not unusual for 19th century solutions to be needed to addressed in the 21st century. In reality its not a question of whether the Auckland Port moves, the
  7. Worth celebrating that a Kiwi boat has won the 18 footer world championships for the first time in 45 years on Sydney Harbour .... And after all that trying, we get first and second! Well done to the boys on Honda Marine and Maersk Line. Does that mean the next JJ will be sailed in Auckland?
  8. Interesting and informative article on the dolphin issue from McGredy, Winder &Co (and copied here with permission) Queen’s Dolphins – A Year in the Making What a difference a year makes. One of the very first things His Worship Phil Goff did upon storming into office last year, before he was even sworn in, was to put an immediate halt to the building of a dolphin for cruise ships attached to Queens Wharf by a gangway. He had campaigned unambiguously against anymore incursions into the harbour, and this wasn’t going to happen on his watch, not on your life. It was a powerful
  9. Actually the returns from the Port, if we properly factored in the returns of the operation against the true market value of the land, are pathetic. I feel sorry for anyone sailing between Westhaven and North Head - the narrowest part of the channel just became 85 metres narrower. And about 2/3 of the ferries that currently skirt the end of Queens Wharf - ie the most congested part of the entire harbour - are now going to be 85 metres further into the channel. Because the Port has been able to sell Queens as the only cruise ship option, it also clears the way for their 5 story car par
  10. You could see if the Explore Group team would lend you a couple of their 50 footers. They could look the part with their MH rigs.
  11. Hoisting sail off Queens Wharf at 12noon. With that bowsprit, reverse stem, wings and huge rig it is hard to miss!
  12. Just coming up Auckland harbour past Princes Wharf as I type.
  13. Simon

    Olympic results

    Epic fightback from the Kiwi 470 women too - second place after back-to-back wins today. Good result if they can finish in the medals after the week they have had....
  14. There is a good chapter on the updates Cookie made to Krisis in one of the 'blokes and boats' books that was published 10-15 years ago. Apparently he was going to sell Krisis to get something more cruising orientated, but then got his tape measure out and started making a few additions....
  15. Assume you can get through the northern entrance at high tide provided there isn;t too much swell? Know someone who wants to do a circumnavigation of the Island this summer - in a trailer sailor...
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