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Safety at Sea ,SSANZ Triple Series

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Had a rush over the last month getting the boat ready for the first race since I’ve owned her. Spent the last 2 years replacing the centreboard & rudder as well as tidying up various other bits and pieces. Entering gave us a deadline and provided some focus while keeping the pressure on. Couple of days on the water in the week before and we were as ready as we could be.


Got a great start and led the Baltic fleet in a 2-sail reach down to end of Motatapu where we started to catch the tail enders of the start before ours. Some short racking up the eastern side of Motatapu out of the incoming tide saw some good gains over those that stayed out wider.


Looking ahead, most of the bigger boats were putting in a long tack over to East Coast Bays and we thought that seemed sensible so followed suit. After dodging the large ship coming out of port we hooked into a nice 30 degrees left ahift and further gained on those behind.


By the time we got to Navy Bouy the bigger boats from Baltic 1 had got ahead but on getting the m/head genneker up we started to haul them in pretty quickly and had caught all but one by the time we got to the Noises. Some good surfing conditions with 13.3k recorded as top speed (but we think this is reading a little high).


A few light patches behind the Noises which we managed to navigate pretty well and pass the other boat in front which parked for a while. Two sail reach back from there to home into a good breeze and managed to avoid the worst of the rain.


Great first race and awesome to get the line and handicap double.


Thanks to SSANZ for putting on a great event and looking forward to the next one

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