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2019 SSANZ Round New Zealand race

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Most people are getting all the jobs done on the boats so we can do some stuff over the next few days. Looks like we will restart on Saturday. Super cool place.   Very challenging leg getting down h

It was a pretty painful night with sail changes and tacks all night for very little miles covered. We banked on the overnight SW on the Coro coast but it only lasted for a few hours and actually fille

Trying to stay warm!!!!    Seriously we have loads of activities lined up with the locals - a visit to the school, as well as helping the kids build and race cardboard boats, prizegiving and BBQ at

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Yes your correct RNI had it as a mark of the course both times I did it.

Not sure if the next one has still got it in or maybe we have simplified all that side of things.


Speaking of which the NoR will be available soon, we wanted to get through the RNZ and see how a few changes there workout.

We have a large list of boats waiting to enter, including a very fast 40’er coming over the Tasman for it

Entries are limited to 30 and we have had that number of expressions of entry already including 6 from our committee alone. So if your available to assist with running the race let me know as most of our team will be sailing.

Entries open 1st April and fleet positions will be allocated on a first in bases


Just let me know when the next meeting is Jon.

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For Gale Force:

#1 - Beg wife for new main

If you happen to uncover the secret code for an affirmative answer in that mission, could you let me know?

I'd very much like a new main too. She said something about painting the house, or re-decorating the bedroom, or something, I wasn't listening after the initial 'no' bit...

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