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There’s an SR26 on trademe that I would put at the top of the list.   Depends what you want to do, but I like faster boats and find they teach you more than the heavier boats like D28’s etc.   A

At you price point you have options- there was a big leap between the mid 70’s and mid 80’s boats in performance.


In you size range cockpit space matters. A boom tent is way more useful than a few more inches of galley space.


Another thing to consider is that the cruiser racers are often more efficiently laid out. Less cupboards and draws and cabinetery that holds stuff you never use and more scope for getting the boat how you want it.


Storage space is a bit overrated. I’ve got loads on my current boat but it just ends up getting packed with crap.

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I've got a 31 foot bulletproof yacht with a lot of cruising gear for sale she is steel have cruised the south island Stewart island and the Chatham on her in the last two years comfortably and with no issues.did the Chathams solo got so bored sailing alone I'm moving on let me know if your interested.very easy boat too sail

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At this stage, it would either kept at Pine Harbour or Shelly Park and both have issues with access at low tide. Shallow draft isn't critical but it would certainly add flexibility to when I could go in and out.


I knew there were some twin keel versions made of the Lotus 9.2 and I had heard there was also a centreboard version but have never come across either for sale. I have also seen a shoal draft fin keel version but from what I understand most have the normal fin keel.


The Whiting 29 has two versions, a shallow draft masthead rig cruising version and a deeper draft version with a fractional rig although I have come across hybrid versions. 


From what I have found out so far the Young 88 has a fin keel version and it looks like some have modified fins so the draft varies and there's also a swing keel version.


They all seem to have reasonable headroom from what I can gather. 


Another feature I would like is an open or walk through transom, possibly with a sugar scoop but it's not an absolute must have.

I have seen a couple of Lotus 9.2's modified like this but it would be a bit of an undertaking to do. Some of the Whiting 29's were fitted with a sugar scoop option and a couple have been modified to walk through. Still a little bit of work but not nearly as much as the Lotus 9.2. The Young 88 already has an open transom and as I enjoy sailing I am attracted to its sailing performance. 


So, for an all-weather yacht single-handed cruising around NZ for extended periods with the possibility of having one or two inexperienced crew aboard sometimes which of these would be your preference and why?

If you are looking at renting or buying a Marina at Pine Harbour I have 1 that will be available from late March. 10.5m very close in. PM me if you want any further information.

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Hi there,


Some might accuse us of being biased but..... whilst not the perfect boat in everyone's eyes Jim Young's designs and Roger Land's production was decades ahead of its time. 


So much so that they can almost foot it 35 years later with the latest production boats. ...... We are having some fun in a dialogue with Jim comparing the J88 (2018) and J99 (2019) to the Y88 and Y99.


The Young 88 Owners association is here to help with advice and to answer any questions related to all things Young 88.


Refer to the web site for contacts https://www.young88.org.nz/classcontacts




follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YoungEightyEight for latest news and events.


BTW the AGM is going to be held Tuesday March 19th, 1900hrs at the RNZYS, boring protocol first then class updates and Americas Cup focused guest speaker. 


Check FB events for details and to register interest https://www.facebook.com/pg/YoungEightyEight/events/


Good luck with the purchase decision  ;-)



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