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  1. If class has collapsed no one told any of the 100 Owners Association members or the owners of the 70 odd boats that show up on recent events on RaceTrack 😀 Jokes aside the class has been going strong for over 40 years driven by an active committee that started with the first boats. The association does its best to maintain the integrity of the rules and keep the class boats compliant. Kiwi "ingenuity" sometimes makes this a challenge and sometimes "feathers are ruffled". The strong Westhaven and Bucklands Beach fleets are more than matched by the recent growth of the class in Ly
  2. OK so call us biased but if you want best use of your asset then get together a syndicate of three or four like minded sailors (that is race vs cruise mentality), buy an 88 and race and cruise the hell out of it. Or buy into a syndicate like Heartlight currently on TradeMe We have a templated syndicate agreement, and real examples of high, med and low annual budgets available if you want to understand the real cost to own. Plus there are loads of people on the committee who can help with advice. Failing that get Booboo on the rums then negotiate to buy Rocky Feel free to PM us
  3. Hi Crump We are definitely spoiled for choice in NZ when it comes to a broad and diverse bunch of slightly older but great value 8-10 metre boats. 88 disciples are of course biased towards Jim's amazing design and you could pick up a decent 88 for anything between $20 and $70k in the last 12 months. The price reflects the age and upkeep of the gear. We have owners of all sorts of ages and experience and run events to match. Feel free to get in touch with the association https://www.young88.org.nz/about/committee/ The association has to be strict about enforcing the class ru
  4. Hey all. Jim had such a positive impact on so many sailors and launchies that we have decided to organise an "On Water Salute" in his honour. This is timed to take place immediately after his remembrance ceremony at RNZYS next Friday. Please like and share the Facebook event and pass on to all those you know who have enjoyed or still enjoy his designs.. The more boats we can get n the water the better. Facebook event is at this link https://www.facebook.com/events/2667290453593271/ "Jim Young designed and built a vast array of yachts and launches including one of his favourite
  5. Hi, Class rules say: 14.1 (e) One anchor and chain including connection, with a combined anchor and chain weight of 20 kg as a minimum. The chain length shall be at least 9 meters & link diameter at least 8mm. Anchors, chain and rode shall comply with current YNZ safety regulations. YNZ Safety Regs pg 71 says: ANCHORS 17.29 Anchors and ground tackle to be carried shall include: Two anchors with: (i) A cable the boat’s length on deck of chain (min) plus 60m (195ft) of rope or chain, the bitter end of this cable to be secured to the hull. (ii) A second anchor cable of 6m (19f
  6. Sorted I think... BTW all invited just bring fenders, lines, cash for the CG collection bucket and your own refreshments
  7. SOS After Match Mothership Needed Its the Piedy's turn to dial up the Triple Series Coastguard Fundraiser and aftermatch. We have run out of options via 88 and PP contacts so putting out an SOS for a mothership to put the sounds and BBQ undercover in case of a tropical shower or two. This event raised just over $500 for CG and was a real blast last year and promises to be bigger and better this year. https://www.facebook.com/YoungEightyEight/posts/1242784389179147 If you can help then please send a message to the Piedy's via their FB page or FB messenger @PiedyAssocNZ message
  8. Young 88 Division Baltic 60 Debrief The 88's have a new "rule" ... they who win shall write the story... cheer Chris Last Saturday was race one for the 2019 SSANZ short handed sailing series. Chris was originally unavailable to do this race as he was meant to be doing the TransPac on RanTan II - but that's another story - and with Paul in Asia, Chris and Mike went to battle on War Machine. Morning dawned with clear skies and little wind. 140 odd boats were milling around the start area while Mike bravely jumped into the 14.6degC water to sort the sail drive boot out - note mus
  9. Y88's all use Mike Pearce. He has been doing a lot of Young 88 windows, no bolts and they look great ... http://www.mikepearce.co.nz/
  10. We like the expression ... "the rising tide lifts all boats".. 88s have great tussles with 930's especially upwind. The turbos are harder to hang onto and off the wind in a breeze a 930 will surf right on by. Thread steal..... @MarkM, if you have some up to date 88 polars I am sure they would also be gratefully received? What we have in the Young 88 Google Drive is from our friends at SailOnline
  11. Triple Series After Match is on again.. this year it is the Piedys leading the charge so you can be sure it will be louder! The hat will go round once again for the guardian angels from Coastguard Auckland $504 to beat! Ref the Facebook event for more info https://www.facebook.com/events/2414142008805914/ Signature video/tune from 2018 is here
  12. RAGING HORMONES TAKES OUT 2019 HARKEN YOUNG 88 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS By Andrew Delves Posted March 20, 2019 In Major Regattas, News 0 Andrew Wills and his team on board Raging Hormones have risen above a bumper sixteen boat fleet to win the 2019 Harken Young 88 National Championships in Auckland over the weekend. It was challenging regatta to get going with very light 5-7 knot winds throughout the day on Saturday, meaning it was a tricky day of sailing in the Young 88’s which are known to thrive off a decent br
  13. Eighteen Entries for this Weekend’s Harken Young 88 National Championship The Young 88 continues to prove its popularity with high levels of participation and building fleets in the North Island, South Island and West Island (New South Wales). The 2019 Harken Nationals take place on 16-17 March. Entries include the current champ Zane Gifford’s Raging Hormones to be skippered by Andrew Wills, and previous Nationals winner and current sprint racing leader Mark Bond’s Slipstream. It’s fantastic to see former top race boats returning to the fleet like Stephen Bettesworth’s Split Decisi
  14. Sorry only just saw this post. Should have reported back earlier. Large party with even larger music. Definitely should be an annual event. $504 donated to Coastguard Sorry can't post images here from Facebook or Google photos so all of the details can be found on the Y88 Facebook event page discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/events/443855122756528/permalink/591705594638146/
  15. Hi there, Some might accuse us of being biased but..... whilst not the perfect boat in everyone's eyes Jim Young's designs and Roger Land's production was decades ahead of its time. So much so that they can almost foot it 35 years later with the latest production boats. ...... We are having some fun in a dialogue with Jim comparing the J88 (2018) and J99 (2019) to the Y88 and Y99. The Young 88 Owners association is here to help with advice and to answer any questions related to all things Young 88. Refer to the web site for contacts https://www.young88.org.nz/classcontacts
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