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Help - Anchoring in Omiha Bay (Rocky Bay - Waiheke Island)

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It could be as simple as a nappy, which is why a boat couldn't get holding down Waiheke way, it hooked a disposable nappy. Also seen a dunny, again down the bottom end. Cables are common as are plastic bags and more than one old partially corroded berr/fizzy drink can. Even mussel shells have been known to cause non anchoring.


So you may have just picked up something which then fell off. That is not that uncommon.


I'd not be too concerned for a one off occasion like this, but I would definitely keep it in mind, and see how you go next trip. If it happens again then probably something has gone bad on you, if it doesn't you may have just had a good old school 'sh*t happens'.


A 6kg Delta is bottom end of average for a 7.5mt vessel. When you lose it go up a kg or 2 or get a newer design. 8mts chain isn't a lot but it maybe a large size. But in saying that a 6kg combined with your comment 'yacht does not normally drag it's anchor' and shortish chain length does strongly suggest you do have good anchoring technique. That is a very very good thing.

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Thank you every one for your comments and your pm's - agree with HT - We get seduced by a pleasant bush walk up to Batch winery - I know we shouldn't - I have concluded that the short, steep chop developed in those conditions was our undoing.

we will avoid anchoring there in those conditions in the future.

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