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Something sensible, Hauraki Gulf, east North NZ, while we save for Cat?

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how about this Trimaran, bought for the berth in Tauranga and it is being almost given away?? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-2189850800.htm?rsqid=292c282d406d49d2a9f796e02104012f-003


i get wary of self builds, but I have to admit that price for the size of that Tri is affordable NOW. Would a boat surveyor show up if this is structurally sound enough for bluewater cruising?

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I'm not super familiar with the Bahia 46 but fountain pajots aren't really known for their amazing performance. Just had a look at a Bahia 46 on trademe and it looks to have no boards and a massive heavy looking interior. Doesn't scream performance.

Yes they are big, but they did show up in this top 40 performance. https://www.cruisingworld.com/sailboats/40-best-catamarans-and-trimarans-ever/


But I agree. What I really need is something around 35ft, dagger boards, costs sub $400k and is nice and light. Where the seawind 1000xl2 doesnt have boards, it has shed 500kg, that may be enough to entice many at $329k start price.




A used Outremer 40 might be the sensible choice for me.

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I think for now Im just going to get a monohull for weekend and holidays, something like pacific 38. A pilothouse rig would be nice. Lotus 10.6. Im struggling to think of others that fall in the speedy cruiser category.

Get its surveyed well and my biggest fear, have the Rudder serviced to make sure she aint coming off. 

You can get some nice boats that have been recently fully refitted, new sails, engine, sheets etc for $60-70k. I can handle being on heel for day sails between places. 

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