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Mayday mechanical

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Out for a few days, and shutting motor down, she was making some odd noises. Wouldnt start this am,took tappet cover off, and big spanner on flywheel and turn her (check tappets ok)and turns free then comes to a sudden stop! Help please. Should I try turning her backwards?

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Sorry Vic. this doesn't sound good. A solid dead stop means a serious obstruction. Scenarios...... Valve head broken and fallen into cyclinder. Conrod has broken and is jamming against the bottom of bore. Crankshaft is broken. Cam must be OK if you saw all tappets working, so that's ruled out. A bolt has come out of Big end bearing and jammed.
You should find that in all scnearios, the engine will stop at same point. Mark the flywheel and buy hand, if you turn flywheel backwards, does it jam at ruffly same position. If yes, then any of the above are possible.
If not, then it could be a component in part of the engine that is geared down. Like the Fuel pump for example, may jam at fourth Revolution or some other random point.
No matter what, sorry but you are going to need a tow home, or sail it home if conditions are right for you.

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