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hydrogen powered superyacht?

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Crazy lookin boat, but that lounge at the bow would be awesome in sh*t weather!    

I'm thinking whoever designed that grew up watching Star Trek...       https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/94554/why-did-warp-cores-become-vertical

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the LNG tankers that supply gas to japan from the timor gap? and kamchatka?




have HUGE well insulated, spherical pressure tanks on them to keep the natural gas low volume liquid  


but there is still a "boil-off" which is captured and runs the ships engines




presumably a superyacht as big as this hydrogen beastie will still have a daily liquid hydrogen boil-off AND won't actually spend a lot of time at sea


maybe it could run the fuel cells and provide power back into the grid?

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But liquid H is vastly colder than LNG. It boils at -252C. A pressure vessel of hydrogen is ruffly at 5000PSI.


But interestingly, liquid Hydrogen is not an economical means of storing the energy it contains. Umm, how do I explain that better? It has poor energy density. You can actually store more Hydrogen energy in a Hydrocarbon liquid like Petrol, than as pure liquid Hydrogen. In fact, there is ruffly 65% more hydrogen in a ltr of Petrol than a ltr of pure Liquid Hydrogen. Try getting your head around that one.

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Using electricity to make hydrogen will use more energy than it creates. And electric motors at way more efficient than a combustion engine. So why would you bother?

Correct if you make it the old fashioned way using electrolysis. But that it not how it is produced commercially.

And the article states that the Hydrogen is passed through a cell producing electricity. So the Vessel must be electric powered.


Modern Hydrogen powered Vehicles are electric powered. Are far better for the environment than anything battery powered and most especially for the Countries that get electricity from means other than Hydro. The only thing holding them back is the refilling stations. Electric charging is easy to install. Hydrogen refueling stations will require a large chunk of investment to establish.


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There are several processes and some are still so new, the technology is still secret. Currently, the cheapest commercial method is steam reforming of Hydrocarbons. Especially the "Off Gasses" that are produced during refining.
I use a method in my plant that purifies the off gasses and turns them to Hydrogen and that is then fed back to the burner for heating the plant. That allows me to start the plant on a liquid fuel and then once it is running, reduce the liquid fuel consumed as the Hydrogen kicks in. It is a beautiful clean burning and very hot flame.

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