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maritime movie? viewing indoors

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probably like many, have run out of things to do around the house

and the internet

and am now forced to watch what's on tv

fortunately have found the re-boot of "das boot" on tvnz on demand

what could be more fitting during a claustrophobic lock-down

than a ww2 submarine drama you just know has to end badly

the first few minutes should tell if it's for you 





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Das Boot is one of my all time favourite movies - the original one that is, not any of the series or re-makes.

For some reason, my missus never ever ever ever wants to watch it, or even let me watch it.

Hopefully without spoiling the plot for anyone, the movie conveys the tedium of life on-board, interspersed with shear terror, and overall, the movie leaves you with a deep sense of complete futility, which I think sums up what war is really about. 

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On 4/04/2020 at 6:28 PM, twisty said:

Das Boot is brilliant. There's also a TV series on netflix of it. Not as good as the movie but still pretty good. 

It is a very good film, but leaves out a huge amount of important points from the original book - Ott's Sharks and Little Fishes 


which states that, among other things, the German submariners did not hesitate to murder officers who were incompetent or cruel. 

If the movie/TV versions were accurate, they would show that. 

But that would not boost the war-heroic narrative, would it? 

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