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cruising Level 2?

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On 20/05/2020 at 4:50 PM, Black Panther said:

Schooner, unless i am in reverse.


I was planning to sail to Fiji every winter. Instead i have just ordered and received a diesel heater from a crowd in Chch. Let you know in a week or so how it works.

Not sure if I have seen an update on your heater. It must have had plenty of use by now. Are you happy with it?

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If outfits like the ones being mentioned in this thread had to pay an 'end of life' tax on the junk they import they would be broke by the end of the month.

At least the rain washes the sparrow sh*t out of my cockpit

DP, I was actually just trying to engage with Rehad in a positive interactive manner. 

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1 hour ago, Black Panther said:

Currently sitting up  having a cup of tea in bed naked.

Does that answer the question?

Even better Angela loves it.

 Condensation reduced to near zero. Consumption about 4l per day. Thermostat at 20c

Great improvement 

Thanks for that. Did you just plumb into your main diesel tank? Looks like some (maybe all) come with a small pump.. is this enough or is it best to be gravity fed?

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