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How to best thread new main halyard through mast?

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Hi Martin,

"Good idea, only snag is that there is no way to get to the top of the mast to..." Does that mean the mast is already up? If so why why can't it be lowered using the spinnaker halyard. it doesn't matter if it doesn't go to the top.

I assume you mean because the main halyard is no longer there and that's the only way to get right to the top. I assume also your spinnaker halyard exit is well down from the top so you cant reach the main halyard exit if you went up on the spinnaker halyard.

I see a couple of options,
1) a 15m cherry picker (commonly called a boom lift ) set up on a near by dockside.
2) rig  a hoisting block  before you stand the mast up, tie it to a rope wrapped around the top of the mast. If you choke it and tie another line over the top and around like a rope end whipping, but keeping it below the halyard exit. Then by another rope running through that block go up on that.

lyka till


PS this editor is terrible to use.

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Mousing line in place!

4 x 3 m lengths of 16 mm plastic piping made it possible as it was quite easy to push the plastic tube all the way from the bottom of the spar to the top. Cutting the end of the leading tube to a sharp point helped avoiding catching on rivets and bolts. A 4 mm hole drilled near the tip was used to attach the mousing line and the sheave at the mast top was removed to make access easier there.

The rest should be routine work (famous last words?).


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