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That is really interesting BP.

So you used these guys https://lfbros.co.nz/

When you said 'that crowd in Chch', I thought you meant https://www.heatspace.co/store/c4/DIESEL_AIR_HEATERS_.html

I've been thinking about a heater for a while, mainly to expand our cruising season with the kids. The bits holding me back are the cost for a name brand, the quality of the cheap brands, and the time and complexity of the installation.

The main question I have, does your unit set to a thermostat, and turn itself off and on automatically, once it is at temp? The expensive brands will do that, so you can dial in a temp and leave it overnight, once it warms up, the unit will drop down from 2.2 kW, 1,200, 800 then turn off. The Heatspace one will dial down to 800 W, but will keep going all night, regardless of how hot the boat gets. I don't think it is a controller tech issue, I think it is in the ability to burn out the fuel and start regularly without chocking up with carbon.

I note this place (LF Bros) don't appear all that cheap, but actually supply the key parts for the marine exhaust, and they are happy to mix and match cheaper competitor units with better gear...

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