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I'm loving all this Cherub action going on at the moment and think it's a magnificent move. I think if the northern chap can get a laser cut flat pack kit togeather for a stich n tape like build

Yeap bloody good seeing a revival of these classes that have basically been killed off by YNZ, or at least in NZ. When looking at the boats YNZ wants none are much more than massively over priced

I've got a pile of photos of one in build but can't post them. Bugger!! Oh well, judging by another thread the chances are most of you aren't old enough to understand them anyway

Posted Images

Gee KM, the Reptile has shrunk a bit... 

And I thought you'd finished painting it?

Or is this another one of your mods? You should stop thinking so much and just finish that project, y'know.

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The 2 sets of photos were taken a week apart. The bottom set were taken yesterday, Wednesday.

It is a after work time like project so the build method is quick as you can see.


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On 9/07/2020 at 9:55 PM, Island Time said:

Quite the clamp collection too!

It's not to bad indeed but I'm more F clamp dude so all those G's don't really do it for me :)


As of yesterday....not to shabby for a 15 year old don't ya reckon.



maybe time someone upgraded their camera from the Box Brownie ;)

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The plan and hope is there will be again soon. There are some big names doing things Cherub at the moment so I think come summer we'll see a lot more of them out sailing.

And good to see mostly everyone is taking some effort to ensure the boats can be built without having to sell a kid in to slavery and there is no arms race.  Mostly as there is always some tosser who has to pull out the chequebook, usually to try and cover their sh*t sailing skills.

I think a flat pack stitch and tape option will be available for purchase shortly. There are lofts and mobs working on providing low cost sail packages and rig packages so if it all ties up as many hope then they could make a huge come back. They are going from strength to strength in Aussie at the moment so there are Inter-Dom possibilities as well.

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