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NZ Navy gets its biggest ship ever - it's a Hyundai!

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Just what we need - an oil tanker to help Trumpistan prepare war against our biggest trading partner. NZ needs to do the max to promote multilateral supervised disarmament.

I'm surprised at your comment there Kevin.  I think the concept of a Logistics ship, capable of providing useful support to our Pacific neighbours in time of climatic disasters, is a good and sound on

A militarized oil tanker is not ideal for delivering emergency relief. Some charities do invaluable work with very low overheads (when I was in the game Oxfam was good), others are very thinly disguis

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Best aid is often cash directly to poor people, who despite the myths, are well capable of making smart spending choices. If investment is needed  in health systems, transport systems, school buildings, training etc, then the equation changes. But it's still best to source and manufacture locally wherever possible. Unfortunately the aid game is set up to benefit the industries and consulting companies of the aid-giving nations. Consultants in the aid game make mints of money. I once got paid $5000 for a half a day's work flying up to China and back - I'm happy to say now that that was obscene on so many levels and I've tried to pay it forward.

But underlying all that is the need for a system of fair trade and free movement of people (allowing capital to move around the planet but not people undermines the way neoclassicals teach their ridiculous version of economics anyway). And before you start worrying about foreign hordes, most people like home unless Trumpistan or some other deranged empire is bombing the sh*t out of them.

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Surely there's a difference between "aid" and "emergency relief".  Sending a well fitted out ship with specialist equipment id designed not to "better" people's lives, but to "save" them.

There is a place for the military.  They bring a structured approach, with clear lies of command, in situations where that is required - as in delivering urgent relief if times of natural emergencies.  

And - I'm poor. Send $$$.  It will help.

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Great thing about NZ defence forces is the ability to respond in natural crisis around the pacific.Cyclones tsunamis etc

Sad part is those we help often get the cheque book out and buy from those who have not invested aid.

When it comes to helping our pacific nations we need an agreement of Yes we supply relief but in return you need to buy from NZ.

Interesting Kevin,no surprises there with Charity.Like most big organisations.Out front "Wow look at what they are doing for the community"behind the scenes how much more profit can squeeze out of those we are helping. Bit like save the children funds.Yep $10 a month to save a child but how much has that organisation taken off the top??


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38 minutes ago, Terry B said:

If you don't use charities like 'Save the Children' then how do you get money to families in those countries?

As mean as it sounds but I do not support those charities.Ever since the late 90s when aid was sent to such countries as Ethiopia where upon it was discovered warehouse full of rice/grain etc were not being handed out to those in need.Instead weapons were brought.Sounds mean I know. but those countries are looking for aid.This is where I believe the UN needs to enter and distribute food etc.

I would have no issue to be taxed an extra $5/10 pw as long as the money aid was being properly supervised and gets to where it is needed.

Not having a bunch of collectors roaming the street and making a living and handing over what is left after expenses.

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A militarized oil tanker is not ideal for delivering emergency relief. Some charities do invaluable work with very low overheads (when I was in the game Oxfam was good), others are very thinly disguised religious proselytisers with high overheads, advertising and high executive salaries (World Vision). A better UN system would be ideal; significant reforms have been stymied by major powers. Most aid is needed in war situations (though the unfolding climate crisis will pose huge challenges) so peace keeping operations are vital. Tight logistical operations can be delivered by any competent organisation, not necessarily military at all. 

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