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They are trying to lift elephunk today apparently. She is in something like 25 m of water. The sails were dropped before she went down, with the intention of her not sailing around on the sea floor. I see a random buoy and a work boat loitering in the general area of the Westhaven start line.

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An interesting detail that certainly contributed to likelihood of a collision occurring on the startline such as the one that sunk Elliphunk is major line bias. I realise that rum races are meant

these landed on my phone over night.

Damn good work by crew to drop and lash main down in under a minute.

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That doesn't look too bad for a boat thats spent 5 days on the seabed.

All the pointy bits are still pointing the right way. Did it have an inboard or an outboard? New suite of lectronics and you'll be sorted.

Might need to patch that hole up for CAT 5 though...

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all ok 

on the 1 tack

could do most of the coastal

seriously though

good to see her not a tangled mess of spars and kindling

getting the sails down, with the luxury of time, seems excellent advice for any sinking/capsizing


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