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This is a bit scary

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The world is in a state of flux. America has broken the old world order of international treaties, agreements and general law as a way of doing things. This is to China's advantage. While everyone is distracted by the worlds biggest recession, China is just doing what it wants, pushing into every corner of the world it deems rightfully theirs. China is going to be the world's only super power shortly. America is in serious decline. The western world can either spend a lot on defence, or suck it up...

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54 minutes ago, AJ Oliver said:

By any honest measure, the US spends more than ten times as much on the military as China. 

Don't trust the Blob. 

I'd be surprised if that is right. The Chinese airforce is growing by planes per day and they are building aircraft carriers like Brunswick builds 20ft fizzboats.

If it is then it'll be a simple value for the $$ proposition as in a US contractor can charge the US Govt $6754 for a hammer and 30,000 for a dunny seat where you'd have to be one very brave bastard to try that on the Chinese Govt.

The blob?? In a country with an obesity problem you may need to get a little more specific with that one, that only narrows it down to 100 odd million people  :)

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One would have to factor in profiteering and value for money with the discrepancy in military budgets between the USA and China.

Each one of these  B-2 Spirits cost US $2 billion they brought 20 how much would it cost to manufacture in China.

In regards to the fishing China runs a foreign policy that focuses primarily on securing access to protein wether or not it is sourced legally or sustainably and not just fish.


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on that

The Sankei article also says the Chinese stated that Japan “is not entitled to demand” the fishing fleet cease its activities. If that part of the report is accurate, China is saying, “This is our territory…and from now we are going to prove it.” 


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