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One more thing to worry about

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Seriously BP, Yahoo News? 

What are you smoking? If you want recommendations for actual news, or news that at least pretends to be based on journalistic investigation, just ask.

But Yahoo news? Really?

PS, I think this thread may suite the fake news section of smalltalk, rather than lowering the standard of marine talk...

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I have heard of a couple of stories of Orca supposedly "Playing" with boats. I have no clue if they are really playing or not. Possibilities could be that they are knocking Barnacles off them, if that is a thing. Or maybe a Bull is being boisterous and thinking a Boat is a rival or threat. Maybe a Female (Is that a Cow?) is being precious of her young if there are any. They are intelligent animals for sure, but I imagine they can also misinterpret a Boat among their Pod. Playing IMV would be light bumping. In both occasions I had heard, it was more than light bumping. One had their rudder broken and the other had the boat given a good hard solid thump. Mind you, they are also pretty heavy animals. Maybe to them it is a playful bump.

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