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There's something really quite cool about this boat. Anyone know if there are any lines drawings? I mean, I know she was designed by carving a half model and then sawing it up, but wondered if anyone anywhere might have documented it a bit better than that. Pic from the Waitemata Woodies page.

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6 hours ago, Sabre said:

I find it hard to believe that the same man that built something as beautiful as Ngataki also built that!


Well, Ngataki has a place in history. But when you look with a critical eye, I don't think she's altogether that beautiful. The gaff rig surely helps.

6 hours ago, Tamure said:

It's actually pretty sweet

Indeed. I think that it's quite an achievement and miles ahead of her time in terms of her styling. The hull seems incredibly voluminous, and there appears to be plenty of forward buoyancy, no doubt good to help her rise to the seas. The forefoot might be a little deep to take full advantage of that in a  following sea, though. The very flat run aft. Might she have planed downwind with a bit of a blow up her freckle? She was likely built to a higher standard that Ngataki, and the hull form appears more sophisticated.

From Johnny having sailed her all over the Pacific (is my understanding) she was apparently relatively sea worthy. 




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