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WTS / Commodores Cup race in Auckland today

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Due to the lack of wind and the tide, a number of boats were OCS. (Including us). 

A few boats, (we saw three), used their motor to return to the correct side of the start line to start.

As a friendly FYI, this is not allowed. Your propellor is not allowed to be engaged from the time of the preparatory signal, (4 mins), and certainly not after the start signal. 

No naming/shaming... I realise it's a long shot that the skippers will even see this, but figured I would try.  I will also try and track down the three boats and mention it privately.

Fwiw, the three boats we did see do this either retired several hours later or were scored DNF due to the time limit, so no harm done... It is obviously also possible that they retired due to realising this action was wrong. 

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A few other issues:

  • Wasabi may have started in the wrong division (5 minutes early),
  • Wedgetail may have missed rounding Torpedo buoy on the way home,
  • Cape Diems finish time may be incorrect. It is recorded as finishing 2 seconds before Bird on the Wing, but I saw BOTW cross the line (at 18:23) and there were no other yachts nearby!
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19 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

Div C was shortened to Torpedo, all other divisions were finished at Westhaven. 

Ah, that explains it.

Ptown, there is a 30 minute extension if the first boat finishes within 8 hours.

Yes, using a motor in the last 4 minutes is against the rules. People need to be ready to deploy the anchor in those conditions.


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