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Shouldered Rigging Pins

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Does anyone have a preference for using a shouldered rigging pin vs one secured with split pins at both ends ? My thinking is the former is better since one less split pin equals one less failure point.... thoughts ?

Secondly should the split pin always have a washer behind it ? on our boat  the forestay top pin is not shouldered and there is no washer behind the split pins  it just doesn't look "Proper"  but maybe I'm just being a Nana, the tangs are aluminium.'

Let me know what you think but the Forestay pin is slated for replacement with a shouldered one.





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16 hours ago, LBD said:

With regards to a washer.... if the hole the the clevis pin fits through is a good fit then no, But if the fit is sloppy, then use a washer that is a neat fit to the pin.

Always us a robust washer with the less sharp edge towards the split pin.

Definitely listen to that. Pins both sides are fine and common but you don't want a sloppy fit.

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