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Head, renew piping

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57 minutes ago, KM... said:

There is no way I could have used PVC and it been cheaper than using a top quality flexible dunny hose. Fitting time alone let alone buying all the bends, glue and the pipe itself. 

plus, its designed to go into houses generally don't bounce, roll, pitch and yaw as a part of their operating method, and are built around standard angles (90, 45, etc). 

The drainage stuff does crack if its not supported or is subjected to a lot of movement.  If you have a long run that can be well fitted and supported (preferably embedded) ok.  Anything else, just get the right stuff and swallow the boat tax.




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I reckon once you have a go at fitting the proper dunny hose over any fitting, you will want to avoid as many joins as possible, and be happy to pay the $$. It is damn near impossible to get that stuff onto fittings...

You'd need a good long run of PVC to make it worth it, with double stainless hose clips on every joint the dollars will add up fast. Not to mention working out how to join the two dissimilar diameters. 

The other option is to get a compositing head. It may well be cheaper, and far easier to install.

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Composting head answers most of the issues that arise from a conventional head (holding tank etc) and all the legislation that has and is coming our way. But do make sure you have "head room" unless you are only 1500mm tall,  as they are around 500mm tall as against app 300 to 350mm for the one you are (I was) replacing.

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16 hours ago, Terry B said:

Steve, you happy with the composting toilet you installed?

Thinking about one next time the jabsco breaks down. Which will probably be the next time I use it  🙂


Apologies for the thread drift..........

I think I would have been had I had enough "head" room. I measured the footprint, no problem, I never gave the extra 200 mm of height a thought, until I sat upon the throne! I would need to do serious mods to allow me to sit without my neck being bent over and by ear against the deck head.

Mat imported quite a few several years ago and installed one, I believe he is very happy with his. They make a lot of sense and take away any problems with the poo police.

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