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When drifting say south,cast in that direction and wind as boat drifts to where you cast,1/2oz is a good starting point up to 3/4oz shouldnt need to go any heavier. I very rarely drift as most of the time current against the wind,prefer a stable platform so normally anchor and cast ahead and wind back


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2 minutes ago, dutyfree said:

whether you need a sea anchor is really a function of wind and tide.  I doubt you will need one.  The drift rate matters as does your soft bait hook weight.  You will need different weighted hooks even if the drift rate is low due to depth.  Fundamentally you are trying to get to the bottom.  Too high a drift rate versus too smaller a hook weight and you will not get there.  You may need different sized soft baits, the hooks come in different lengths, the bait needs to match.

Jigs can be good.  There are different types and they work really well if you are fishing in a workup or you can see (fishfinder) a bait ball which is likely to have larger fish i.e. snapper underneath.

Yep they work wicked in workups ....park upwind within casting distance , chuck it amongst the work up and let it sink . 9 times out of 10 it will get hit on the drop by snapper about 10 metres or more below the work up ....same technique works well with the sliders pictured up thread 

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