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Mayday call off Coromandel

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I never make fun of anybody that got / gets into strife on the water - just seems like an invitation to karma of the wrong kind.  

aviate - navigate - communicate Keep the craft safely flying first and foremost, then ensure you don't fly into a hill or run out of gas before you get on the ground, only then do you ring Uber E

I usually always find inexperienced sailors way over estimate wave height. Even with NZ waters/tides/wind, it is very rare to get 8m seas. It is truly sobering to be in 5 to 6m and I can say that from

Missing yacht Tribe found in bay near Whangarei

It was located on Thursday afternoon in Bream Bay about 4 nautical miles (7km) south of Whangarei.

That is about 80 nautical miles (150km) north of where it made its Mayday call.

The Tribe’s skipper will meet with Maritime NZ staff on Friday to discuss what happened and what lessons can be learned from the incident.



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Hmmmm, I dunno, I have issue with several points. I don't think the story he tells has many "alternative facts", However, if we discuss this from a "Lessons to be learned point of view".
First question, where was the guy coming from?
The whether was such that no one should have been out there unless they were well equipped and some minor level of experience. It seems that from view of the story, this guy was not well equipped, nor had the level of experience.
The story suggests he did not know much about VHF and especially CH16. That suggests to me he had little experience and should not have been out there in that kind of Sea.
But then, to be able to sail in 8m Seas, look after another crew member, sort out an issue of water entering the vessel and sail on through the night and navigate his way around the Coromandel and all the way to Whangarei, suggests to me he does have some experience.
So why did he get the LL position wrong? Or was it that the listener could not get a clear enough reading to get an accurate Position?
Why did he not seek shelter in a much closer bay? He passed many on the way North.
Just how noisy does it have to be to not be able to hear a VHF clipped to ones jacket? Plus a VHF should receive far better than send, especially as MNZ has excellent transmitter positions. He surely would have been able to contact someone once he reached Whangarei.

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Handheld VHF never had much faith in them.yet to find one that can take a drenching as claimed by some.most don't even like light spray.short aerial so only a  few feet above water.my understanding had crew but basically solo as crew inadequate. Could look at as good trainng for authorities??  Why not send SnR plane/helicopter up for locating purposes? Not a 5 minute trip Colville to Whangarei.

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