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What happened to Meltdown?

May I be as bold as to quote this post from the TW thread in answer to that question... Of course I may :)


The Wolf looks very nice Tim. Scything through the water. Looked very smooth on Saturday. :thumbup:

How was the green rocket machines kite work on Sat AA?

I hear one of the boats, or at least the foredeck crew, had a bit of a shocker.... and it wasn't one with a name starting with a W :twisted: :lol:

That's because I told you I had a shocker you sh#t stirring b#st#rd :lol:


I CONFESS!!! IT WAS MY FAULT THE GENNAKER WENT UP UPSIDE DOWN!!! :( There - you happy now? By the way I had a stellar day yesterday! :D


On the other hand not to get off topic Timberwolf looked to be having a great day! :thumbup:

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possibly outside the time limit? The tail enders must have been close to the 1 1/2 hours behind charleston mark?


Boy the guys on Charelston were smoking! We had a good tussle with the Wolfy for a while until we let him through uphill but that happens! Boy they had some high modes uphill

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oh maybe its two hours then? you just got inside while Akarana didnt, To be hones the time limit normally works, Its only in weird cases like saturday when the lead guys get ahead with breeze and the tail enders get left behind that its a problem?

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15.1 Harbour Courses

The time limit for the Harbour Courses expires for divisions A, B & M 3.5 hours from the time of the start for that

Division. For all other divisions the time limit shall be 3 hours from the start of that division. Should any one

boat in a division, except division M, finish within that time limit, the time limit for that division is extended by

30 minutes. The time limit for division M shall be extended for 60 minutes. Any boat not finishing within this

extended time limit shall be scored Did Not Finish. This changes RRS 35 & RRS A4.1.

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